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Planning to Start Var Only Cycle

I m 37 Male 5’9" and 78 kg with approx 25% bf
I lost almost 10kg in 12 months(from 89kg to 78kg)
with strict diet and cardio only but it left much more dead skin hanging around me so want to gain around 5kg pure muscle mass. I came up to studies that var is almost side effect free or lesser side effects. I am slightly worried about liver so.
I think to plan
30mg(split) per day for one week
40mg for next 5 weeks
last 2 weeks nolva + test boosters

as per age i assume my test levels are bad enough(just guess)
no any history of heart/ hairfall
acne can bother me in some extent(already some lying on face)
Can someone suggest me changes to above?
Thanks in advance

Var only cycles are for women, not men.

It will cause shutdown and won’t give you the results you want. Also it is way more expensive than test. That’s why nobody has responded to you yet.

Please reconsider. Also if you only want an extra 5kg of muscle mass you might want to consider training without drugs.


can it possible with TRT dosage like sustanon 250mg/week as base

Just went back and checked a few books I shouldn’t link for Oxandrolone cycles for guys. It is most often run with testosterone on cutting cycles. It is damned expensive though and faked very often.

I just noticed in your OP you mentioned “strict diet and cardio”. Are you lifting at all?

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  1. An anavar only cycle is not a gender locked, women inclusive only experience.
  2. Anavar is a useful steroid that provides great effects with little side effects and is therefore quite safe at responsible doses and responsible cycle times coupled with a responsible inclusion of post cycle therapy.
  3. It will give you results if you are training and eating properly for your goals. It will not yield mass amounts of dramatic size such as using testosterone and/or stacks of steroids together will provide.
  4. Not everyone’s goal is to take steroid cycles and reach olympic sized proportions as quickly as possible.

There are people who do not mind taking mininal amounts of steroids consisting of less harsh steroids at lower doses to obtain good, assisted gains quicker than what can be done naturally. An anavar only cycle is one of the options. Arguably the safest option with the least amount of worry and headache. Those who take special concern for avoiding premature/accelerated hair loss that can be accompanied with taking testosterone for example, can consider anavar only. Coupled with the extreme ease of use by taking little pills and a simple, basic post cycle therapy, anavar is a very compelling option.
Considering all of the aforementioned variables, those who passionately and religiously argue against it, forum upon forum upon forum, seem to be out of touch with reality on some level. Some forums members only advice taking anavar with other steroids stacked in, like the common base of testosterone. But wait, some also say add dianabol in the beginning to kick start the cycle and gains. Taking testosterone is known to cause joint pain for some people, so adding deca durabolin in the cycle can alleviate that side effect. But an aromatase inhibitor should also, sensibly, be kept on hand for such a stack.
So as you can see, things have really amped up and now you can be taking many different products each with their own side effects. Not to mention the complication that has now been introduced in the routine which includes the time, effort, planning, the actual use of all these different compounds, and the general research and knowledge needed to understand all the factors; as well as the money involved. So an anavar only cycle with post cycle therapy, is an option that people can consider and hopefully can be further discussed more civilly.

P.S. Notice my chosen use of words such as “some” as opposed to all/most; and “can” as opposed to must/should/needs.


Your original posted cycle looks quite safe for an anavar only cycle. In other words, it looks fine and will work.
Anavar at such doses and cycle times isn’t so harsh on your system, so a complex PCT is not needed. A PCT should definitely be used with steroids but a simple basic one for an anavar only cycle is great. The safest option for your PCT would be nolvadex at 40/40/20/20 but peoples’ experience with using testosterone boosters in their PCT, testify that it is something that can be done with a helpful effect as opposed to a strict nolvadex or clomid plan. But again it’s well advised to just commit to a basic 40/40/20/20 nolvadex PCT for the safest and most complete finish. Also taking milk thistle while on the cycle can be beneficial if you are able to do so. Anavar and it’s PCT are quite a simple and easy option to do.

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Never meant to be uncivil.

It just seemed like a waste of money from my perspective. Most naturals should be able to gain 5kg of LBM in a reasonable amount of time.

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situation is that
doctors suggested surgery to remove dead skin hanging around which may cost around approx 2000USD and will be only 50% effective after that i still need workout for gaining some muscles to hide that
so i thought, i am at good gainer point cause never gymmed before and my natural limit is still away.
so if i supplied var/var+sustanon250 then it will be easy for me to gain 8-10 kg in 6months

cost doesnt really matter cause surgery is way more expensive
other ingredients like npp,deca,dBol i dont want. cause more bulking would need lifetime maintainance of muscles which i cant handle at this age/lifestyle

i am not a hard gymmer but weight training 45min - 5days/week.
so i came up to var

If you have never trained before that’s actually perfect. Find a solid beginner routine (this site has many). Eat between .8->1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, fill in rest of cals with carbs and fats whichever you enjoy or tolerate better.

If you stick to your program and diet for six months you will experience “newbie gains”. The changes you can make to your body right now will come faster than at any other time.

It is not unrealistic for a new natural trainee to gain 1lb per week for a while. So your goal stated above is 10kg in 6 months. That’s 22lbs over 24 weeks. Why not try the first 6 months natural and if you fall short (say 7 kg) then start the cycle.

Also if you want to gain muscle you will have to over consume calories, with or without drugs. 1lb per week means you need a surplus of roughly 3500 calories for the week. This is tough to process for guys who just lost weight.

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I disagree. At that low dose and shorturation, coupled with the fact that anavar, even taken by itself, is very suppressive, I do not believe he will make the sort of gains that will outlast the loss he will experience during PCT. I think gains will be fine on cycle, as I"m not one of those people who discounts anavar as a women’s drug. I think it’s a really great steroid for me. But at a sub-50 mg dose per day, I don’t see how it’s going to be effective enough to justify the use.

milk thistle is largely useless for a steroid cycle. This is a pretty well researched thing. Milk thistle has benefits for liver damage that is caused through alcohol abuse and a few other things, but given the mechanism by which steroids cause liver damage, milk thistle is pretty much useless. NAC and TUDCA are far better products. But that being said, I cannot imagine a 6 week course of anavar only at 40mg/day requiring a liver protector. I seriously doubt any bloodwork for liver enzymes would show this to be the case. I’ve run MUCH more than this, and never had bad bloodwork. I tend to think the worries people have for the liver regarding oral steroids are greatly exaggerated for the most part. Some people are more susceptible than others to liver problems, of course, and bloodwork is certainly a good idea in a first, second, third cycle, just to see how one responds.