Planning to Cut Body Fat with Test Prop

Hey guys im planning to cut my body fat with test prop and i also have other options like test E or Sustanon. This is just a pure cutting cycle and im not expecting gains much here but i want to preserve my muscle mass. The cycle will last on for 6 weeks or even 8. I need some suggestions on this and also some advice before i take off and land safely with pct.

What is wrong with a small calorie deficit over a longer period of time? Are you in any sort of rush?

yes, i am and also im scared of muscle lost here thats why. You have any advice on this

If u planning 6-8 wks take test prop … to prevent muscle loss you dont need actualy 300mg/week… like 200mg is enough

so should i add in some adex and do i need to pin eod for this one since its 200 mg… and forgot to mention and i do need pct for this right

The aromasin or adex you need to see on your labs if u need it on that dose or no,some people need,some not…everyone is different. But ofcourse you can run 300mg prop EOD would be mild first cycle anyway. Of course you need the PCT if youre not planning trt or blast&cruise. And on 300mg im pretty sure you will need an AI. Otherwise you will bloat like crazy


this is not my first cycle, should be my 5th cycle and been off for 9months since that. and I did 3 weeks of 25mg var cycle didn’t turn out well because of ldl and hdl so i stopped from there.

Unless you’re going on a suicide cut there’s no real need to do this. Six weeks of a decent deficit shouldn’t really reduce your muscle mass by very much. Is this for a competition or something where you’re otherwise getting paid?

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This is not for competition but it will be a good recomp for my physique. The question is can you be lean to 10% with natural cut and with less muscle burn or with test prop without muscle loss. Building back the same muscle that you burn during fatloss can be a waste of time IMO, and need more food and you gain fat again then have to cut back. My goal is to stay lean for year. Whats your take on this?

If not for competition and more just for yourself, why not drop the body fat naturally and save the AAS for when you need it to put on size? Anyone can cut fat and preserve muscle if their diet and training is on point.

probably, i will start sizing maybe next year because busy days are coming and frequent eating and injections may come of as time consuming especially on busy days

It’s tough because you can cut harder while on testosterone, no question about it. But do you end up shooting yourself in the foot because you have to run a pct and during that time you’re in limbo? You know your body well enough to understand how you do during pct, so let that be your deciding factor rather than measuring out what you can do while on cycle. That’s going to be the X factor in this scenario.

you saying the fat percentage that i dropped with prop will increase a little during pct? 6 weeks of shut downs can cause a mess ? I don’t think ill be taking any cycle for the next 1 year plus if i’d go this cycle

It may increase or you’ll drop some muscle mass if you’re still in a deficit. You don’t want to lose muscle, which is why you don’t want to cut natty. Now imagine trying to maintain or cut when your testosterone is nonexistent because you’re just getting off cycle. It has to be tough. But maybe only for a few weeks.

i think i have two options, its either i got with long ester and get clomid few days after the last jab to recover fast while some exo- test is still in the body or second option, don’t workout for 1 week after the few days after the last jab, there wont be any muscle to breakdown or need to repair if you didnt workout on that recovering period after the last jab of test prop. To prevent fat from increasing during pct, stay on diet and get zinc supps or do a mild workout that promotes test. Hows my approach

Steroids are for building muscle, a calorie deficit is for losing fat. I don’t get why this is so hard for some to understand.

steroid is to prevent muscle loss as well.

That’s a waste of time. The Clomid (which you should swap out for Nolva) won’t do anything while you still have exogenous testosterone going in your system for several more weeks.

Unless you’re huge or in a massive calorie deficit, you won’t lose muscle dieting. I cut on my TRT dose of test (150mg/wk) and never lose muscle cutting.

im 96kg bro, i dont need to lose my hard earn gain just like that you know and im not massive like pros, bulking up will put u fat too, i want to maintain my form throughout the year yea after this cycle and also your trt dosage is higher than natural production? and most importantly the exogenous T for trt give better effect than you are in natural T