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Planning The Year Ahead

I’m the worst at typing stories, i swear I’ll keep this short and punctual.

I’ve only focused on power the last several years, with greatly diminishing returns here recently. I realize I cannot keep the pace forever, but I feel like I’ve hit a wall a bit too early, feeling a bit banged up. Regressing in some lifts.

What are some easily missed options here?

I’m thinking along the lines of:

  1. Obviously, finishing the 5/3/1 Program I’m on. While a little banged up, I’m very capable of finishing this.

  2. Running a bit of a volume cycle. Something like 8-12 weeks. I’ll keep the Squat, Deadlift, and Bench. But I’ll focus on maybe a 5×5 @ 70-80% with very minuscule increases. Then focus aggressively on assistance. Think rows, lots of shoulder accessories, hit the triceps and single leg work. Some bodyweight work. Use this as a period to hopefully keep what I’ve got while bringing up lacking areas, and put on a little mass.

  3. Hit a short explosive cycle. This is by far my weakest area, and would need much insight here. Maybe 6-8 weeks? Thinking Olympic lifts, like cleans, chains and speed work. Like I said, I’d need some details.

  4. Kick back in the powerlifting full force.


Dietary add-on:

I eat well, maybe a bit too well with my recent weight gain. While I could stand to eat a hair cleaner, including mainly some more greens, I dont see this as being a huge limiting factor, and is always a forever improving area.