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Planning the Cycle

I will have test/tren ace/winni…I can do up to 10 weeks of test, 6 weeks of tren and 4 weeks of winni.

Some cycle ideas are to run 8 weeks of test with the tren/winni starting at week 2 and ran to the show leaving 2 weeks or so of prop alone at the end…OR…I could start the prop on monday and run that for six weeks and drop it 1 week prior to the show going in on the other compounds.

I can obviously run a few combos of things but here are a few that I’ve come up with (pct and ancilliaries are good):

Show would be at the end of week 7

1.) week 1-6 test prop 75mg/ed (6 weeks)

  week 4-7 winni 50mg/ed (4 weeks)

  week 4-7 tren ace 50mg/ed (4 weeks)

I will drop the prop 1 week out from my show and go in on tren/winni

could also do the same thing w/out the tren

Show would be at the end of week 6

2.) week1-8 test prop 75mg/ed (8 weeks)

 week 3-6 tren ace 50mg/ed (4 weeks)

 week 3-6 winni 50mg/ed (4 weeks)

this cycle would be started a week later than the other cycle for reasons listed below

The way I see it is one version would guarantee no bloating on stage while the other version would be geared to help with the show but also have some aas in my system post-show to possibly throw some pounds back on after the show.

The other kicker is if I want to start the prop on monday for cycle number 1, I I have enough for 10 days at my planned dose. This will be enough to start the cycle and run until my other order gets here if everything goes to plan, but thats just it “everything going to plan” lol. I don’t really like the idea of starting things when I don’t have EVERYTHING on hand.

So what are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.