Planning Spring/Summer Cutting Cycle

I just started my bulking cycle so I may be jumping the gun a little, but just planning ahead. I was setting up cutting cycle for spring/summer. Would like any advice on it:

Week 1-12: 100mg test prop EOD
Week 1-6: 50mg winstrol EOD
Week 8: 20mg anavar ED
Week 9-12: 40mg anavar ED
Week 13: Off
Week 14-18: PCT

Also, will have plenty of nolvadex and arimidex left over from previous cycle, just didn’t list it above. Obviously, a lot can change before the summer but just bouncing ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ps. winstrol is injectable, not orals.

Thats a long time to be on orals. 10/11 of 12 weeks. Winstrol Injectable will still be hard on the liver.

You could run Masteron the whole time and add the Anavar the last 4 weeks would give similar results with a ton less side effects.

That is also a long time to inject every other day when you could get some Test E and inject E4D at the same dosage. (The thing where Test Prop aromatizes less is unfounded and you have AIs anyways).

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Thanks for the feedback! Masteron for 12 weeks at 100mg EOD along with test prop 25-50mgs EOD was another option I was considering. still have a while before I start a cutting cycle so a lot of ideas are spinning.

Is it best to run the anavar the first six or final six weeks?

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In my opinion, I will just add that var from week one until the end the cycle, just 20mg a day will still provide some benefit for fat loss, maybe throw those winstrol in the end the cycle, and get some udca or tudca pills on hand, stack with silibinin with tudca, 50mg silibinin and 250mg tudca should be good, liv-52 is relatively a weak liver protection pills, but I will run it in post cycle therapy most of the time

Dromostanolone and stanzolone seems like a good stack for cut weight, or improve the result from any speed type of training, all those dht derivates decrease estrogen level, if add nolvadex into the cycle, it will get the body leaner, also it makes people less hungry on cycle, it really depends on personal goal, some ppl wanna eating less, less carbs, more high quality proteins in general, some wanna eat good lean food all the time, while making some lean muscle gainz

And arimidex probably just for gyno. In case you got gyno, then start to take those arimidex pills until it gone, 2.5 mg per day gonna let the gyno disappear in few weeks, it’s more likely a home recipe for someone does not like surgery procedure

Final. Cuts get harder as they progress, so the Anavar will help when it gets tougher.

How have you been a member since 2014 and yet give that bad of advice? Genuinely curious. Take 17.5mg of arimidex before answering (per your own advice)

Honestly I’d dump the Winny and run test prop & 80mg var 10-12 weeks
You’ll feel & look better
Why torture yourself on Winny

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I have been taking letrozole and arimidex around 1mg per day before when I was competing at bodybuilding shows, arimidex first then letrozole @around 230 pounds at heavy weight division, those meds helped me shred off extra water

Actually arimidex or letrozole were originally designed for breast cancer. Since breast tissue is very sensitive to estrogen and progesterone hormones, taking arimidex pills will get gyno under control. Then they were been misued to cure gyno in male body building as one part of appearance enhancement drugs, actually best way to cure gyno is letting surgeon to remove extra tissue

Nah, this depends on the severity of the gyno, how long the gyno has been around etc

For bad cases, surgical removal of the mammary glands/excess tissue is typically the only route that’ll work, for fairly mild cases, yes… AI/serms can help

Taking anti-aromatase / aromatase inhibitors’ are a fast way to fix gyno issue, when the breast tissue start growing near the nipple area at beginning stage

It’s not a treatment to fix chronic issues for sure. As I can see, there is only dihydrotestosterone derivates steroids on this cycle, so the chance to jack up the estrogen level is relatively minimum.