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Planning Spring Cutter


Hey guys. I am looking to put together a cutter for March. I will be coming into it at about 5'10", 210lbs, at about 15-16% bf. The goal is to get down into the 195 range at about 7-8% bf.

Weeks 1-6 100mg Test Prop ED
Weeks 1-6 75mg Tren Ace ED
Weeks 1-6 .5 mg Femera ED
Weeks 3-6 100mcg T3 ED
Weeks 1-2 80mcg Clen (I can't take the sides any higher than that)
Weeks 3-4 Ephedrine
Weeks 5-6 80mcg Clen

I think that is it. I wasn't exactly sure how to use the T3, as I 've never used it to date. My diet and training are all set, but any help with the cycle would be awesome. Thanks.


Very interesting.

I too am investigating a cut session, but it will be much later in 06. I am also investigating the same stuff. I am very interested in how Juice, Bushboy, Wideguy, and others critique this. I have never run a cut cycle before. Awaiting their answer.

Lift Heavy,



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Thanks bro. I am gonna use the clen because I have it left over..I'm not a huge fan either, but if I stay at or below 80 mcg/day the sides are not too bad. I've used tren at 75mg/day for 6 weeks before..other than night sweats and lower back cramps I was good. Any suggestions on the T3 dosages? I have never used T3 before so I was hoping for some more input on that. Thanks for the response..I can't wait to get this one started.


These might not be your premises at all. If they are, I hope this is some help for ya.

Are you planning on staying at 7% BF for a long time without chemical aids after these 6 weeks?
If so I think you should include that in your plan from the start. Its hard enough to mandate careful planning if you expect to be successful.

For some reason I imagine this being easier to achieve if you come off the drugs in steps, one or two drugs at a time. So you gradually adjust for the lack of chemical aid by tightening your diet and training step by step. Until you can maintain your body size and body composition drugfree.


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I am currently using t-3 and I am doing 4 day increments. I started with just 25 mg. e/d for 4 day then went up to 50 mg. e/d for 4 days, etc.

I am cuurrently on 100 mg. e/d and about to start 125 mg. e/d. After the 4 days of 125 mg. I will start to tapper down dosage the same way I pyramided up untill I reach my last day of 25. mg.

The whole cycle will last about 5 weeks. You should not stay on t-3 longer than 6 weeks.

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As long as we are on the subject of backpumps.
Any gear that will have the opposite effect of D-bol and Tren in this regard?


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I stand corrected. Yes I meant to same mcg. not mg. Thanks for the clarification bushy, wouldn't want anybody going overboard.



i would consider the oral anavar. the cycle looks fine imho, just considier the femera eod instead.

i would also begin cutting for some time before doing your cycle. so do about 4-6weeks of cutting naturally, then jump on.


I think it looks just fine. I'm pretty tolerant to tren, except for becoming pretty anti-social on it around week 3. Not a huge fan of clen as just about every side it can give I get. Still if you can tolerate it, I won't argue that it works. Just watch your bp while running it with tren. The femara dose imo is a personal thing. I don't seem to need to use very much but I always use at least 1-.5 mgs a week.

I've also noticed some wicked back pumps on tren but nothing compared to dbol. While I dont' remember how it's suppossed to work exactly, I recall people talking about using large doses of taurine to help stop the back pumps from superdrol (which I've also experianced and are alot like those from dbol). Haven't tried it personally so I can't say, but if you look around you might be able to find someone who can.


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Well if it makes you feel any better bush, it might not work for everyone. I've come across a few cases where guys said it didn't help. However I think H2O consumption plays a part in that whole thing as well. Another suggestion is doing crunches (especially on a swissball for the extra ROM) to strech out your lower back inbetween squats or deads or whatever is pumping your lower back up.


I think your cycle looks just fine. The only recommendations i'd have is to reduce the letro dosage to at least 0.5 mg EOD, maybe even E3D, but definately keep it in there. i think letro is very individual dependant for how you will react to it. when running prop i use 0.5 E5D, and find its very effective for me at that dose. anything more and it shuts my sex drive down completely. a-dex is easier to dose appropriately IMO.

cycle is ok, reaching your goals will depend on how strictly you follow your diet and trianing protocols.


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