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Planning Second Cycle


Age 24

1-12 test cyp 250 e3d (600wk)
1-10 deca 200 x2 (400wk)
Adex 1-14 how much?
Hcg ?Do I need it ?
Extra oral ?


Really isn’t that too much for the second cycle?


I now you are experienced ,actually I wanted to pm you first for guidance but cant pm anyone.
I don’t want to start tren now.
Test only gave me extreme libido so Im scared of 750 test alone.But its cheap and effective for me slow but steady strength gains.
Or the other option for me is 600 -400 deca maybe but you said 400 is too much.What do you say?


If you hve time give me your mail or facebook ,I have some questions.


I cant post my email on here the mods erase that kind of info. Just search for Dustin Reed it will pull me up usually pretty easy. I am also in the Strength Crew group and very easy to find there if you dont see my profile