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Planning Second Cycle: 400mg Test, 250mg Deca?

I ran sus 250 twice a week for my first cycle but that was 3 years ago. I’m planning my second cycle of test cyp 400mg a week with deca 250 mg a week do y’all think that dosage is good? I’m also going to be taking Arimidex 1 mg E4D with a pct of Nolvadex and HCG. I’m currently 160lbs. looking to hit 180 to 185lbs. with this cycle.

So many things wrong here…

Drop the arimidex, both during and post cycle

HCG isn’t a pct drug, drop that

You won’t keep 25 lbs after one cycle unless you want to put on a good 12-15 lbs of fat

So you’re saying just stick to the nolva for pct because I’ve read a lot about using HCG to kick start your natural test after your cycle. The Arimidex was mainly just to have on hand just in case I have sides. This shit can get so confusing because everyone says something different! I guess it’s all what works for you, I’m just looking for advice on my dosages and don’t want to waste my time doing anything wrong like my pct or how often to pin. So what are you saying that’s all wrong here? I only have about 5-6 months worth of research so any advice would be appreciated.

You dosages seem appropriate for a second cycle. @unreal24278 is correct with the Arimidex This forum is very against estrogen control from a lot of the new research and feedback from other members. I’ll make an assumption you are pinning 200mg 2x per week on the test. If you are deadset on running the AI a better starting dose is something like .25mg with each pin. Deca aromatizes very little, about a fifth the rate of test. Its not going to add much in the way of E2 issues. With the deca/test combo you are going to want to wait about 3.5 weeks before starting you Nolvadex from your last pin. Run the HCG during that time if you want to use it but cease when you start the Nolva. Your goals are lofty but if you even gain a little over half that you would be increasing your mass by 10% and that would be very noticeable.

With you being off for 3 year. I think you’d be better running a test solo cycle go for 400-500mg of test. I’d make the most of it as your body will respond just as well no need for deca just yet. Hcg can be ran throughout cycle until you pct with nolva.