Planning Ramp Phases

CT -
I’ve been using double progression for several months on my main lifts and want to get back to ramping for 9-12 weeks.

For guys like me who don’t ramp to a huge max weight, can you provide any specific help on how to plan a sufficient amount of work/reps based on the day’s training max after ramping?

I’m aware of clusters, EMOM, density, but am sometimes not sure which option is best suited to the ramp target (such as for 5RM vs 3RM vs 2RM).

For example:
Week 1-3: 5RM ramp, then 8-10 min 3 reps EMOM
Week 4-6: 3RM ramp, then 3x4-6 clusters using top ramp weight
Week 7-9: 2RM ramp, then…?
Week 10-12: ??

This isn’t exactly what I’m planning, by the way, in case you can recommend a better plan for overall size/strength goals. Just a jumping off point I guess. Thank you.