Planning Pre Summer Bulking Cycle

Planning a 16 week cycle starting in March providing blood work looks good. This will be my 2nd cycle
5,10. 205lb. 12-15% bf
Bench 340
Squat 375
DL 415

I’d like to get to 230 lbs and keep close to the same BF
Would also like an increase in strength

Currently eating around 3000 calories a day and maintaing my weight at 205.

I plan to do a cycle like this
Week 1-8 dbol 50mg/day
Week 1-16 Test C 600mg/week pin 2x a week
Week 1-16 EQ 600mg/week pinned 2x a week
Week 9-14 whinny 20mg/day

4 weeks nova
40mg/day 2 weeks
20mg/ 2 weeks

I plan on eating a cleaner diet of 4000+ calories a day with 300 grams of protein a day

I have adex and letro on hand if needed. I didn’t use an AI for my first cycle and no gyno, just a small amount of bloat.
I did however get backne(cycle was in middle of summer and sweat my ass off 24/7.

is does this cycle look like it would help me reach my goals?
Would starting out taking .05mg adex eod or ed help reduce backne as well as gyro and bloat?

Thanks in advance bros