Planning Possible Cycle One Day

Opening Statement: I hope this post comes off as educated, as I have been waiting patiently before posting and researching my ass off. I am not here to tell anybody that my diet is “perfect”. I am not here to tell anybody that I am “strong”. I am here to learn, soak up all the knowledge possible, and achieve the best physique that I possibly can. I am not ready to begin a cycle.

I have read T-Nation and other websites of the sort for years, yet I am still only at the tip of the AAS iceberg. This post is simply to verify that what I am soaking in is correct. I plan to possibly begin a cycle in the future, but I would like to work out all the kinks prior to starting. This is in the “First Time Cycle- NEED ADVICE!!” format, yet (as of now), I am simply posting to verify that what I am learning so far is correct. This post is purely educational.

Background: I’m the type of person that really wants to learn up everything I can about bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements, etc. Freshman year of high school I weighed 135 pounds, and had dreams of becoming a big-time linebacker. I really started reading hard, talking to people, and learning what I could. I took the usual protein and creatine, and lifted whatever I could off the ground.

By the time senior year rolled around, I was a 230 pound starting linebacker and became absolutely fascinated with what I could do with my body. I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but its something to this day that I am proud of. I have been lifting ever since, and am intrigued with cycling AAS.

Prior Cycles: I have run 2 cycles of Superdrol, with proper PCT of nolvadex.

Age: 23
Height: 5’11.5
Weight: ~212 pounds
Body Comp: ~16%

Goals: I would like to diet down pre-cycle, then gain lean mass with the use of AAS

Nutrition (Current): Diet is hard as of now, as I eat most of my meals out of an apartment cafeteria. I’m fixing up a place right now, and can’t wait to move in and cook my own meals. I avoid fats and carbs in the same meal. I eat a lot of chicken, turkey, and the occasional cut of beef. P+F meals are usually 2 chicken breasts with cheese. P+C meals are usually 2 chicken breasts with green vegetables. A serving of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive in the morning, a serving of fat free cottage cheese at night. Cashews, unsalted peanuts, and almonds thrown in for snacks.

Nutrition (Pre-Cycle): Pre-cycle I plan to strictly follow the velocity diet for 4 weeks. Would one of those week-long cleanses be good the week prior to a cycle? It has been something I have always wondered, but never seen discussed.

Nutrition (Cycle): Eat clean, but like a f***ing monster. Fasted cardio in the mornings on training days. HIIT on non-training days.

Training (Current): Have tried tons of programs on this site. My theory is that every program works in some way. I try to switch it up every 6 weeks. Currently I am on a 5x5.

Training (Cycle): Some type of HIT. DC perhaps.

Wk 1-10 Test Enanthate 250mg Tuesday, Friday
Wk 2-10 Arimidex .25mg Tuesday, Friday
Wk 11-13 Test Enanthate 50mg Tuesday, Friday
Wk 11-12 Arimidex .10mg Tuesday, Friday
Wk 14 Test Enanthate 40mg Tuesday, Friday
Wk 15-16 Test Enanthate 25mg Tuesday, Friday
Wk 15-18 Nolvadex 20mg Everyday
Wk 19-20 Nolvadex 10mg Everyday

25 gauge 1.5 inch. I have read that some people draw with a 21, then shoot with a 25. What would you all reccomend?
Heat up vial in cup of very hot water for 5 min pre-injection

You are in the right place to learn.

  1. your stasis period of the test taper needs to be longer

  2. the actual taper itself should also be about 6 weeks

Gotcha. I will extend Wk 11-13 from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Is the 10mg of nolvadex for 2 weeks at the end even necessary? Im thinking of doing without it.

Actually you want an even easier and cheaper PCT?

Increase your taper dosage to 100mg/wk for 6 weeks and then after that, taper down for 6 weeks from 100 down to 20 for two weeks… if that makes any sense…

So something like this:


And stay off the nolva during the stasis and taper unless absolutely necessary if gyno has occurred…

During the cycle, I always recommend Adex over Nolva which I noticed you have already included. Good call being ready, but remember only to use it if absolutely necessary due to its hepatoxicity and side effects…

Ok, beautiful. I always read how this stasis + taper is reccomended, but I never actullay see it outlined. I also saw it mentioned that one person was only doing one injection/week while on the S+T. This is incorrect, right? I would assume that the half life still plays into it and I would need to go E3D?

From what ive read people seem to have got good results with weekly injections as well as something such as 2x/wk.

Unless you brew some 100mg/ml test then doing a 10mg dose 2x/wk would be rather tough. However Im not saying it cant be done.

Switch out 25g needles with 23g.

You have to press wayyy too hard for wayyy too long for oil based with a 25. Tried it once and will never again.

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