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Planning PCT After 38 Week Test/Turinabol Cycle

Im about to start my New 38 week cycle it wil be 10 weeks of test e than 4 week of turinabol than 10 week of test again, 4 week of turinabol one more time and then 10 week of test e again. Dosage is 500 mg of test and 40 mg of turinabol. And i plan to do a pct after that that wil last 20 days and i wil take 1500 IU of hcg every other day and i wil take 40 mg of tamoxifen evry day for 20 day. What do you think about that?? Will i feel like shit for the first couple of weeks when i go from tbol to test?? Please help me…

It is unremittingly stupid and will end in tears.

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Why do you think that?

Lol I’m a big proponent for long cycles but this is retarded.

Im thinking troll

Why? Dont talk shit for no reason please…

Run it a full year don’t be stupid


The point is the from start of a New year i want to be on for 38 weeks than of for the rest of the year o check my blodtest and Al of that…and plus i am more in fighting so i wil never use roids like tren, dbol anadrol etc…

Wil i feel like shit for the first couple of weeks when i wil go from turinabol cycle to test? Just tell me that

You’ll feel like shit when you come off and your body never returns to producing naturally.

This is reason #1 why it’s insanely stupid. HCG is not a pct drug. And a 20 day pct…for a 38 week cycle…that ain’t it, chief. Guys run at least four weeks of pct for cycles that are considerably shorter.

Never mind the idiocy of permablasting. That’s a whole separate mess.

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Youl live

Ok i wil definitly not listen advice from you…

I am lucky than that HCG exist…

Ok tell me more reasons

Reasons what?

Do your cycle bro! Live your best life


HCG doesn’t just make you bounce back and be good, it’s not magic PCT. For Christ sake, your Nolva PCT is shorter than what is recommended for a 10-12wk Test E only cycle. You’re gonna be a mess coming off from that. Good luck having kids.

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You can pout and stomp your feet until your heart is content, but there’s no getting around science. You don’t want a working endocrine system after this cycle and that’s fine by me. I’m unclear as to why that’s your desired outcome, but it’s your life and you may do with it what you choose.


I’m new on here and even I can see this is beyond stupid.

38 weeks! You’ll never get your test back naturally after that.

Do 12 maybe even 16 weeks fella then do your PCT then have the same length off before starting another cycle. If you want to be in peak condition in 38 weeks do 12 weeks on. 4 weeks pct then 12 weeks off then 10 weeks on. That’ll be 38 weeks from now ready to be peaking off two cycles with out a completely screwed up brain/ball connection.

Well that’s about your 5th mistake in this thread alone.


You demonstrate a lack of understanding on how any of this works. Please do not do this. Don’t take this as me being a dick, I’m trying to help you.