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Planning on Adding Frequency


I currently do "heavy light medium" by Bill Starr. Everything is ALMOST the same except for the set/rep schemes, and exercise selection.

I'm planning on making a "heavy, light, light medium". Heavy days are mondays, light days are tuesdays and thursdays, and medium days are fridays.

What do you think? I think I can handle the additional frequency... I think...

Thank you!


I'm a PL not a weightlifter, but before I knew that I found this article:


It specifically deals with building frequency. I thought it was pretty cool, but no idea if it has merit.


Practical Programming has some very good recommendations, all built around Bill Starr's style of programming.


...Here we go again...

There's been tons of people who reccomended me Rippetoe's book. Fine, fine, I'll buy it.

Thanks for posting!