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Planning Next Cycle


So I’ve been cruising since April-ish after my test e/primo cycle, and I’m getting the itch for another run. Been looking at ‘pre-designed’ cycles on my supplier’s site, and am pretty much set on this one, with some modifications:

16 weeks for everything but NPP or as noted
Sustanon 270 1ml E3D *1
EQ 200 1ml EOD *2
NPP 100 0.5ml EOD *3
DBol 40mg/day (first 3 weeks and final 3-4 weeks) *4
Aromasin adjusted to find proper dosing
No PCT, since I would go back to cruising (TRT dose of test e)

This is written as a 16 week cycle, but due to my work rotations and personal goals I am planning to do this for either 10 or 12 weeks (just means I would have extra stuff to use in the future).
As to the modifications: since I estimate I am sitting at close to 20% BF right now, I plan on doing a 4 week cut prior to starting the cycle. I know I’ll probably get some flaming for this, but I plan on doing a V Diet type cut, with the addition of Plazma for workout nutrition, as well as 100mg/day oral primo and 2iu/day HGH to prevent losing muscle and accelerate fat loss.
I am currently sitting at 225ish, and my goal is to drop to around 200-205 (losing mainly BF) during the cut, with the cycle bringing me back up to 225ish. Cycle diet would be adjusted to prevent gaining too much weight too quickly. Oral primo would end as I go into the cycle, HGH would continue through cycle at same dose (2iu). Now, the other mods:

*1: This was written as EOD for 16 weeks, which would put weekly dose around 900+mg. Due to the other compounds used, I am shifting to E3D which brings it down to the mid-500s per week.

*2: EQ was originally dosed at 0.75ml EOD, I am bumping it to 1ml EOD due to my shorter cycle time.

*3: NPP was dosed this way for only 10 weeks of the 16, I am keeping it at this level. Though I was surprised to see this low dose of NPP, figured it would be a little higher. Forgot to mention above, I will be getting some caber for this one - I’ve done Deca, but it was literally last century. Didn’t have any issues then, but I had issues on tren and don’t want to repeat that.

*4: DBol is included in the order, but I’m not sure if I want to use it or not. I’ve used tbol (but not dbol), and I am prone to the pumpz - not sure I want to play with dbol and EQ, that would probably hurt like a bitch. Undecided.

Goal would be to lose as much fat as possible prior to the cycle, and then gain more muscle as I gain the weight back while minimizing fat gain. I’d like to get back to the size I am now, but with less fat - not shredded, just back closer to 10%. Much lower than that and my wife would never stop bitching.

Ordered the oral primo along with some test e to keep my cruising supplies stocked up. Will order the rest in the next month or so, at least that’s the plan. Just breaking it up so it’s not such a big chunk of money at once.



Go for the dbol. If you don’t like it drop it.


dbol’s fucking heavenly. You’ll love it