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Planning Next Cycle for Powerlifting

Currently at 400mg test cyp.
Goal: strength, compete in bench press meets (not training squat and deads because of lower back injury).

I’m not going to do a pct, i will cruise at 100-150mg test (blood works will decide the right dose).
I’ve read a lot about the benefits of tren ace for powerlifting and I’d like to try 350mg X week( 50mg ED) with 100-150mg test e (50mg-75mg Monday and Thursday) for 6 weeks.
It seems that low testosterone - mid high tren is the best too keep negative sides lower and libido higher.
I am also following a CKD with 300g fat, 250g protein X day.
What is the best test tren ratio for strength and low sides?
Is an AI mandatory for a low test/mid high tren?