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Planning New Cycle

I haven’t done a cycle in almost a year and a half now, thinking of doing one in the near future. I’m ~196lbs, 6’2, at about 11-12% body fat. My goal is basically to add a little bit of lean muscle mass, and finish leaner than I currently am. I am eating at maintenance calories now with about 195g protein every day. When I start the cycle I will probably add more calories as I have gotten really lean before while eating above my usual amount on cycle.

So far I’m thinking a 12 week cycle consisting of:
Weeks 1-12Test Prop-500mg/week
Weeks 3-10Tren ace 400mg/week
Weeks 6-11 Anavar - 50mg/day

I have arimidex on hand if I end up needing it, in the past I never had issues until about halfway thru my cycle and a small dose got rid of any issues.
I also have Clomid and Nolva for a 4 week PCT, still researching HCG to determine if I want to add that in during the cycle or not. Any recommendations or advice on this cycle?

Cycle looks fine. You need caber on hand if running tren. You could also add some proviron in there to help keep your libido up while on the tren, but I expect it would only work to a point.

As for HCG, you want that at least for PCT. it is the most effective PCT drug out there.

Looks ok. You’re daring enough to try to pct after tren, so I assume that you’re not afraid of some risk. You might want to read up on low test/high tren cycles and see if that sounds appealing to you. A lot of guys get the best out of a cycle when they aren’t running higher test with tren. It’s all individual of course, but worth looking into anyway.

I forgot to mention that I already have caber on hand, thanks for mentioning it tho. As far as the ratio between test and Tren I found in the past the more Tren the worse I felt, I only do it for 6 weeks now before the sides get to a point where I’m miserable. I’m excited to give Anavar a shot, I’ve only used winny in the past and tbh after looking more into Anavar I don’t know why I bothered, hopefully it works as good as it sounds with minimal sides.

I’m on 50mg anavar right now. Just finished my first week. So far no negative sides to report.

I never tried proviron to help libido?
My d*** have been a rock when using tren no caber no ai always had it on hand if i managed to get issue’s but never had any always felt amazing on tren

Is it first time tren?

In my opinion, 8 week on tren a and no longer.

If you wanna do that long of a cycle why dont you use Long esters.?

Proviron works on the brain. Gives you the mental urge. Similar to masteron.

I’ve used Tren a a couple times before, I’ve never tried the long watered version but I do like how quick the short esters kick in,

Fell you on that :wink:
I just dont like all the pinning and as i like oral’s it help get a quick bost to the long esters kick in.

I also better like the feeling on tren E, my nightsweats arent that bad and my overall apperance is still great.

I get what proviron does.
but i just didnt knew it will be benificial as a lipido booster when on tren.
As i always have sky high lipido on tren. And if i dont its do to prolactin issue’s and that is combated with caber.

But uselly i dont need caber on tren.

How would I go about switching to longer esters once I have used up the first bottle of tren ace and test prop? I am not too sure how to schedule my injections if I wanted to use test enanthate for the last half of my cycle just so I am not pinning every day.