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Planning My Second Cycle, Need Opinions

Ok so I currently have 4 10mL vials of Test E at 250mg per mL, 5 10mL vials of Tren Ace at 100mg per mL, and for pct I have nolvadex. When I did my first cycle I did 500mg per week of Test E pinning twice at 250mg and I started Tren Ace at week 3 pinning 50mg ed and I did nolva for pct. Since this is my second cycle and I know some of you have great knowledge I would just like some input on how you would run this second cycle. I keep doing research about high tren and low test will get better results?? Please no toxic people I am brand new to the site but hope to gain some great knowledge from some of you.

Help anyone?? I really would like some input and advice.

You don’t have to pin tren ace ed eod is fine. Plus less chance of hitting same spot. Do you want size cuts etc. Where are you at an what are goals, strength level body fat? Why do you want to add?

Trying to add size. I’m 29 years old, 72", 14% bf measured with a bod pod, 190 lbs. I’m very lean and it’s been hard like I’ve hit a wall trying to gain so that’s why I’m trying to hit a second cycle. I was heavier after my first cycle but lost a lot due to things I do with my job I had. What about the high tren low test?

I know not what you want to hear but diet is going to be a bigger part of this.

Yea totally understand. I know I’ll be able to gain I’m just wondering if how I took my first cycle was the most beneficial way and if it’s better to increase or decrease the test or tren amounts.

That’s fine. Tren is pretty general purpose, and you can add some size with it but where it really shines is in a cut. If you are trying to get hyooooge you need fuckin eat and lift heavy and often, but a test/dbol/deca cycle would work wonders.

The low test, high tren type cycle is really best for minimizing the sides of tren, as opposed to running high test, high tren. But if you’re only going to run test and tren and your goal is size then consider high test, low tren.