Planning My Own Show

So - I get to plan my own “show”. I say show - it is a few of us from the gym. The owner is letting me set the weights. He is going to ref. Any one got any ideas on events? Once I get these I’m gonne set the weights.
A few considerations:

  1. I want to stay clear of the; Log for reps, dead lift for reps, farms for time and yoke for time standard format used all over the UK.
  2. For me a strong man for me should be able to lift heavy things over head, lift heavy thing off the ground, move heavy things over a distance. Heavy things is not limited to bar bell. For equipment we are pretty much if you want it its there. There only 2 things we do not have - Conan’s wheel, and fingers (we broke the finger).

My ideas so far:
Pressing medley:
Log, Keg, Circus DB and then Axle for reps.

Car Dead lift - ladder (open the boot and throw in a 20kg plate every time a reps completed). Timed splits.

Farms into Yoke
20m there farmers and 20m back yoke.

Arm over arm
We have a 15m long rope and a sled.

Stone run. Or as these are hard to get to I might say a loading race. But the items are REALLY heavy but really close. And go over a yoke. A 100kg sand bag, the 80kg keg, loaded shield spring to mind. And I’m sure I can find something else. Maybe even a circus DB loaded with some mega weight.

If there are any over events you think might be cool let me know. I really want to make this something people look forward to doing. Get some fun events.

I’m going to tag a few guys that have competed to see what they think. But please no one feel like they can’t chip in. The events that look good are the ones that are the most amount of fun.
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I like the pressing medley a lot, but I’d probably put the circus db or maybe keg last. For me, axle should be a single (or double), but for reps it can get messy. BUT that’s certainly not essential.

That car deadlift sounds stupidly hard to make work across multiple weight classes, unless you can thoroughly test it out ahead of time with a lot of competitors with the exact vehicle you would use at the show. I’ve rarely seen car deadlift done well. It’s not easy, particularly if this is your first time running a show.

The carry is fine, I like that.

Love the arm over arm pull, although that’s a really short distance. Longer would be better if possible.

I’ve seen a lot of plates broken in loaded shields from dropping it, even onto soft surfaces. Throwing it over a yoke seems like you’re asking for trouble. Same with the circus db. I don’t recommend those. You need objects that don’t need to be loaded. Or if they are loaded, the load inside needs to be SUPER secure.

But overall, I love this and I wouldn’t see any reason to make substantial changes, outside of probably dropping the car deadlift if you don’t have a good way to test it. If you CAN test it thoroughly, though, it could be awesome.

Max Log

Car Deadlift for reps

Death Medley (farmers into tire flip into sled drag)

Yoke or Farmers race with a down and back (repick)

Stone over bar for reps or ascending stone over bar for reps for time.

(I really just like the death medley hahaha)

Oh - wow. We have all the equipment for that. We have a 200kg & 300kg tire. I think I like this event.
Going to swap it in for the farmers into yoke.

I’m going to drop the car dead lift. For 2 reasons.

  1. The 1 time I did a car dead lift it was done poorly.
  2. And we train with a disabled strong man (army vet) and he can do seated dead lift. So if he wants to compete - we can do the seated version for him. And a majority of the other events he can do also. Pressing medley, arm over arm and stones (it is done from a wheel chair moving the stones from barrel to barrel). So I think I’m gonna go Axle deadlift. This gives him 4 of the same events as us.

Okay - I see what you are saying. I like the keg for reps, But I think it will be to light for do for reps as an intermediate. So I might change the order up depending on the athlete category.

Arm over arm IS strong man. Nothing screams strong more then grabbing a rope and pulling something heavy attached to it. I’ll see what I can do about the rope length. The gym owner is pretty cool about buying us new toys.

Gonna drop the idea of the medley over the bar. And just bring the stones up to the gym. Do stone run over yoke.

So adjusted event

Pressing medley adjusted order
Axle dead lift for reps
Death medley
Arm over arm
Stone run over yoke

I’m going to do some research for disabled events for the vet guy. See if I can get a 5th event for him.

Love that you’re going with a medley instead. Those were such a staple back in the day and fell off. They’re BRUTAL. Such a better test of will.

For the arm over arm, you could make it interesting by having the competitor LOAD the sled first and then pull it. Set up kegs at the start point, competitor runs them to the sled, runs back and pulls.

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And strength. I find so many guys now are log lifters only. Gone are the days of pressing odd stuff. Blocks, axles, kegs. Well in the UK at least. Strong man over here is log for reps - end of. A medley tests your ability to lift a variety of things. Meaning you have to be strong - not specialised.

Kinda puts the army vet at a disadvantage. He can’t walk with out his stick. How’s he going to run holding the keg? Lol.
I hadn’t thought of this. And I do like it. But I think I want to make his events as close to ours as possible. It means he is not just competing against him self. He’s up against all of us.
If I were running an event open to all I think I would add this. But on the grounds it’s a closed group I don’t want to add stuff that excludes him.

Oh, I meant the death medley. I think press medleys are silly myself, haha.

Ha - okay.

But the death medley will be a test of will power as much as anything else.

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