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Planning My First Cycle

Well planning my first aas cycle that ill be ruing in 12 weeks or so currently taking my 3rd ph cycle but so far thia what im envisioned
Test week 1-10 (250 E3D)
Adex week 2- one week into pct (.25 week 2-5, and if need to adjust it .5 week 6 until end of dosin)
Start 2 weeks after last test pin Clomid 100/5o/50/50/50 (Split in half morning/night)
if i can get ahold of novadex going change pct if not going run 5 week pct beacause only using one serm
what ya guys think

lools fine what are your stats, diet / training like

You should dose afex eod at minimum at .25mg.