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Planning My First Cycle


I have decided to do my first cycle this summer hopefully the first week in July. My Goal for this cycle is to add as much muscle as possible and build strength.
Currently I am 21 5'9'' 220lb Bench 305 Squat 405 Deadlift 515

What I propose is the following;

Testosterone Enanthate: (This goes without saying, strength, muscle gain etc..)
Weeks 1-12 500mg once a week
Dianabal: (Maximize gains build strength , jump-start my cycle while the Test E kicks in)
Weeks 1-4 20mg everyday
Arimidex: (Prevent estrogen conversion etc)
Weeks 1-13 0.5mg everyday
Weeks 14-15 0.25mg everyday
Weeks 15-17 0.25mg every other day
Clomid: (Help bring normal test levels back)
Weeks 14 200mg Everyday
Weeks 15 100mg Everyday
Weeks 17 50mg Everyday
Weeks 18 25mg Everyday

I am totally open to all criticism and feedback, I am here too learn and make the most of this cycle.


Is there a reason for once a week injection of test, test E should be shot e3d or 2 times a week.


Thank you for reading my cycle plan, I am gracious for the input. I was just always under the impression that because of the particular half life of Test Enth that by the next injection after a week your test levels will still be way above baseline.

What sort of advantage would multiple injections during a week produce?


More stable blood levels = better gains and less side effects. Also if its your first cyle, a full ml injection is probably gonna be a huge pain in the ass, literally.

Also, I would take more than 20mg of dbol, that isn't very much.

PCT would start week 15, not 14. And I would use Nolva 40/40/20/20 instead of Clomid. I feel great on Nolva, on Clomid I feel like a weepy emo bitch.

And you won't need to start Adex so high. Start with .25mg EOD and adjust as needed if you start to feel gyno or get too bloated.


Thank you for the great info.
So a 2x week injection could be say a sunday and a wed or thur injection.
I was actually questioning the dbol myself, I had noticed most people dose around 30mg a day and upwards from there.
The PCT is the most important aspect of this and I'm glad I asked on this forum because I really dont want to fuck it up. I will do some reading up on nolva, this world doesnt need a hormonally fluctuating weepy emo bitch on a cycle haha.
So the adex is more of an individual needs basis, hence autoregulate myself.


I have a few misc Q's, how do you guys store your vials? Summer is going to be approaching and I dont want these vials to be baking in my room while im working all day, is refrigeration an option. What steps do you go through to sterilize your gear, would you wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol pad before you extract the oil with a pin or is that overkill?