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Planning My First Cycle at 40 Years Old


Hi guys, regards from Argentina. I have been training for 2 years very hard and i manage to change my body composition from 110 kgs with 28% bf to 92 kgs w/15% bf at 1,75 m height.Now I think I hit a plateau in my performance in the gym so I was thinking to use aas. The big problem in my country is to get the right stuff to mount a cycle 'cos there are to many fake shit circulating in the black market.
My goal is to do a lean mass cycle. I have in hand Testoviron 250 and I could get vet boldenone and winstrol. So the cycle will be :
wk 1-10 testoviron 250 ew
wk 1-10 boldenone 300 ew
wk 9-12 winstrol 50 eod
wk 2-12 tamoxifen 10 ed
wk 2-11 hcg 500 e5d
wk 13-14-15 pct tamoxifen 30,20,20 ed

Now,the big doubt is: should i run this cycle or simply should hit 500 mg testoviron ew for 10 weeks like many recomend for a first cycle. What are the differences I can expect from one cycle to another?
Thank you and i apologize for my english.


Your stats are pretty average and I'll bet your plateau could be solved by fixing your diet, but if you are dead set on doing this I would literally double the dose of every AAS you have listed. 500mg test a week, 600mg eq a week, 50mg winny every day. You can drop the nolvadex during cycle, get an AI instead. Do a 4 week PCT of 40/40/20/20 instead of 30/20/20.

Also the testoviron needs to be injected every other day.

Buenos suerte? I think that's right lol.


wow man, it's sound like a lot of juice for a first cycle but i'm open to hear different opinions cos' i want to make the best of it. So i will have to adjust the budget to double the gear uhmm !!!
anyway ... i'm not in a hurry to do this so ...still waiting for more opinions.

actually is " Buena suerte!!" lol but thank you, my english can be worse!


Hey guys, come on ! 122 wiews and just 1 reply? Just wanna know the differences I can expect to see in my body comp by doing one approach or the other. Be kind and comment please. Thanks !


You could stick with 300mg EQ, but Test should be 500mg and you definitely need atleast 50mg winstrol, 25mg won't do anything and 250mg of Test is a TRT dose.

Your results are going to depend entirely on your training and diet, but 10-15 solid pounds isn't out of the question.


OP, first cycle just run the test at 500 mg a week pinned eod. Save the winny and eq for future cycles. Honestly Id rather see you use cyp or enth for a first cycle until you're more comfortable with injecting yourself.

Get adex to run while on cycle and save the nolva for pct.


Aromatase inhibitor are very expensive and hard to get in my country without prescription. That's why i decided to add nolva during the cycle. I know they work different but the idea is try to control estrogen related sides.
Don't know if 10 mg/ed is good enough.


Luzbilito, The reason most recomend test 500mg week first cycle is to see how you react, test may elevate youre blood psi, cause water retention, thin hair, acne, aggresion etc etc etc.... You should have a feel for that before adding other compounds so you will have a good idea whats causing any sides you might have.... Eq is natorious for causing high blood psi so if u run into problems first cycle with that what do you do? Is it the test or eq?

Thats a problem, now that is just one situation and one side, winny has a list of sides also and me being close to youre age wont touch that stuff.... Youre not a young buck and id be a lil bit on the conservitive side while you cycle, you may also have a harder time recovering than some younger lifters so be prepared for that with a good pct and realise you may not recover completley after a cycle even with a good pct.... If you can get some blood work done first so you have a baseline, what youre body produces pre cycle so you know if you did in fact recover and also you might have test levels right now that have started to decline an maybe you are a good prospect for trt....

As far as your platu goes, whats the problem? Not growing or is it you cant increase weight anymore? What are youre current PR's for bench, squat, deadlifts and press? You can put a nice work out program together that can help you bust through and even start the cycle during a deload of that program so u get the most bang for the buck on the gains....