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Planning My Cutting Cycle

I have a couple of questions on my next cycle. I’m planning to do clen 40mcg - 3 days, 80mcg - 4 days, 120mcg - 7 days, 80mcg - 4 days, 40mcg - 3 days. I’ve been trying to research what to stack with it and keep coming up short. I’ve never done a cutting cycle but, I’ve done a few bulking cycles.

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No, thats not me but I thought it was a funny pic. My soon to be wife is a dietion and I eat clean. But thanks for the info.

this may sound contradictory to bushys advice so is probably wrong, but i find that higher doses of androgens, and a good estrogen control protocol makes for a good fat reducing cycle, if you can afford Growth hormone then defo find a way to work that in as well.