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planning help needed!

Ok, this may seem a bit weird but here goes. I put this question here because of it’s inclusion of supplements. I have written before that my wife and I are planning of having kids now - and the day of the “deed” is 12 days away. Now, I want to be ready - so I have done some searching in the archives and put myself on a tribex/vitex cocktail (6 pills a day of tribex/2 pills a day of solaray vitex). I hope to have my system roaring to go in about two weeks. Here is one part of my question - I have some androsol left over from a previous two week cycle some 4 months ago and was wondering if I could use it for say a week to bump up test levels more while avoiding any “shutdown” of the HTP axis. Would it ramp up my metabolism too much, destroying sperm cells or would it be worth it for a week or so? Part two of my question deals with my wife. Here is the deal - she got off the pill 4 months ago, getting her system ready and all. We worked it out and the next day of ovulation is in 12 days. Would there be any benefit to her taking any of the vitex, given its effect in women. Does it act as some sort of poor man’s clomid? Could she use it, and what would be best? I know this all sounds kooky but, hey, we are overachievers! This is a somewhat serious question and any helpful imput would give me some peace of mind and enthusiasm - as I am a supplement nut as it is… Bill Roberts, anyone, what can you say?..Thanks in advance - and I’ll post again when we have some “news”;)…

This is the first time I’ve heard of people planning a conception down to the day. Sounds a little cold and calculated - like planning on going to the hardware store to buy some washers or nails on the weekend. It used to be when a couple decided to start a family, you just agreed to stop the birth control and then continue to have and enjoy sex at every opportunity and let nature take its course. Some girls seem to be very fertile and can get pregnant the first time but usually it takes a month or 2 and that actually makes it more enjoyable as if the “deed” as you call it, occurs to quick, the initial fun is over. I would say you are actually setting your self up for failure as I’ve heard stories of couples “trying to hard” to conceive and are unable to from all the pressure they put on themselves to make it happen. Then about the time they figure it isn’t going to happen and quit actively “trying”, it suddenly happens. My advice - don’t “try” and make it happen, just let nature take its course and if conception doesn’t happen in 2-3 months, then you may want to explore why.

point taken. still, your comments are of no use to me.

Androsol might improve your performance in terms of numbers of times on the same day, but wouldn’t have any prompt effect on sperm count one way or the other.

Best of success!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Bill.

Dan, I did have one thought that may be of help to you. Just something to think about. I had a sister and brother inlaws that initially had trouble getting pregnant and had to end up going to a MD specializing in that area. He recommended that they only have sex every other day because the more times that you orgasm in a set time frame (such as multiple times a nite), the lower the ejaculate volume in each orgasm. The Doc said that by limiting to 1 orgasm every other day, that orgasm would have a larger ejaculate volume and hence, a larger number of active sperm. Shortly after following Doc’s advice, they conceived. Apparently, less is more. I guess my advice is to save up for the deed.

heb - thank you for your second post. i have read that before and it is good to hear it again from someone with a good head on his shoulders (yes i have read up on you a bit). while my question may seem unconventional, rest assured that there is still a great deal of mystery and excitement around the attempt for a child. what seemed so amazing to me was that we could be proactive in our biology so as to participate in a natural process, if that makes any sense. hence, the supplement questions. by the way, can anyone tell me more about vitex’s actions in the female body or how it might affect a woman’s overall cycle and/or ovulation? anyway, eight days and counting ;)…