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Planning for the T-Dawg

All right I searched the archives and put together what I was going to do for the diet. I had two questions and hopefully when answered I can begin. How many times in the day did you guys eat on the t-dawg diet? I saw three meals in the article and one snack, but did any of you try more meals with better results? Also where did most of you wind up setting you carb ratio with the best results? I appreaciate the help.

Im doing it now, with tuna mayo breakfast, walnuts as snack, post wo shake, chicken meal, burger meal, and egg meal

Six meals on the T-Dawg worked for me…I was at around 100 carbs on lift, 70 carbs on non-lift days…I think the carb limit is highly individual, but this amount worked for me.

I’m a skinny bastard already, but I want to be really lean before I bulk next time… I’m following a modified t-dawg/massive eating diet, and I’m getting awesome results following this… (I train at night, btw)… (cals/carbs/pro/fat)MEAL 1 (P&C) - cottage cheese/ap/oats (420/39/51/4.5), MEAL 2 (P&F) - tuna w/mayo&mustard/flax oil) (300/2/37/13.5) MEAL 3 (P&F)- lean porkchop/ap (290/2/45/9.5) MEAL 4 (P&F) - 2whole eggs/2 whites/1 ap (282/4/39/10.5) MEAL 5 (P&F) - 4oz chicken breast/flax oil (297/0/33/3.5) TRAINING (Ian King’s 12 Weeks to SS and Limping.) - 1/2 Surge during, 1/2 Surge after 30 mins of cardio (350/49/25/1.5) MEAL 6 - Cottage cheese/AP (270/12/46/1.5) DAILY TOTALS (2209/108/276/55.5). I’m on a 4 day split… 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off. On my off days my second meal is P&C… Tuna w/ mayo/relish, 1 c. skim milk, 1 c. mixed frozen veggies (380/38/48/2.5). I also add an extra egg or cheese or whatever to my meals throughout the day to get to 2200 cals (making up for 350 Surge cals I’m not getting). Actually my carbs are pretty much the same on both workout and nonworkout days (maybe a minor difference). But, I’ve never posted my actual diet here, so I just figured I’d do that… hope this helps dude. Lemme know if ya got a question. Good luck with t-dawg dude…


I did about 4-5 meals a day (depending on schedule).
I’m still tweaking my carb ratio (after 1 1/2 weeka). My problem is that I get these really killer migraines if my carbs go below 100-80, so it’s something to watch out for.