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Planning First TRT Blast. Thinking about SARMS for a 2nd Blast?

I am 40, 5’11 76kg (168lbs) and I’ve been on TRT for 6 months now, have put on 5kg of lean muscle but am still quite slim. I started with sky high SHBG which has since come down dramatically but still high. I use 200mg p/week split into 3 doses and my oestradiol has stayed midrange.

My first blast plan as it stands is to start with an 8-12 week blast at 400-500mg, still split into 3 doses a week and with no AI. If I encounter prolonged sides then I plan to lower the dose.

Peoples thoughts on this are appreciated.

For a potential 2nd blast I’m looking at the possibilities of 500mg p/week of Testosterone stacked with one or two SARMS such as Cardarine and RAD 140.

I’m still at the beginning of researching SARMS but did hear that RAD 140 can actually lower oestradiol so is perfect for a Testosterone blast?

Again any thoughts or experience with this is very much appreciated.

Cardarine is t really a SARM. And it’s kind of a magic fat loss pill that stopped development before it ever reached human trials. There’s a reason that a major pharma company gave up on a breakthrough weight loss drug.

RAD140 is interesting, certainly. But why take it when there are a lot of other, more proven options out there? What’s the major benefit vs that of the existing orals?

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That is a good point about Cardarine.

And from what I’v heard that with RAD 140 there is little or no aromatization, so will work well with TRT.

Stick with the tried and tested. For a blast, something simple like 500 T and possibly throw in some Masteron or proviron with it. You shouldn’t need an AI with the anti E properties from the proviron, plus you will have a great sex drive. If any issues do arise you could take tomaxifen 20mg per day untill it clears up. These Sarms etc have bad feedback from what I have seen.

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Hi rogan I’m a bit older than you and have been on trt for just over 4 years. I blast twice a year for 10-12 weeks if my blood test allow. When I blast I don’t usually try to control my E2 I like a high E2 when training hard.
DO you have any heart issues or high blood pressure?
I will also suggest since this is your first blast give 300/wk a try for 10-12 weeks. Also it takes about 4 weeks of blasting before you are going to feel any additional strength or see faster recovery so be patient.

Heres what 300mg/wk gives me at just over 40 days.

Thanks for the advice hrdlvn and no, no heart issues and bp is fine.

Do you get any sides at all when your E2 is high and how does it effect your training?

Rad-140 is still in preclinical development, I don’t believe information as to the pharmokinetics or pharmacodynamics of the drug has even been figured out, thus the notion of RAD-140 lowering oestradiol is likely untrue, by looking at the chemical makeup of the drug there is nothing that would make me think “potential aromatase inhibitor”. There is no human trials on the drugs, thus there is no way of knowing how the drug will affect bloodwork or the human body in general.

If you’re looking for a decrease in oestriadol related sides a DHT derivitave may be the way to go


“DHT antagonism of estrogen… Appears to occur by decreasing estrogen induced RNA transcription”

However just use test if possible.

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I keep my E2 between 22-35 when on TRT I prefer 22-27 and take anastrozole to keep it there. I have low SHGB.
But when I blast I pretty much let it run. Only if I get super sensitive do I take an AI pill and I usually only take one and see what happens. Usually in 4 hours my symptoms are gone. Sometime I have to take a second one. My AI pills are .125mg in strength. I get no other side effect like water weigh or nipple issues. Only my mood changes. There is also no change in my libido or ED which I have issues with at my age.

This is kind of bro-sciency but while blasting if I divide my E2 into my TT and get between 15-25 I never really get bad sides.
1866/125.4= 14.88 This was why I need to take a couple AI pills during this last blast.

What is the difference between anastrozole and AI? how much anastrozole do u take a week? I am on test 100mg every 5 days my numbers are two high for Cruise. Trying to bring E2 down in mid 20s I am at 40 and feel bad. Dr wants me to do HCG 100iu 3 times a week but not sure bc that’s going to cause E2 harder to control. Ask any more information u need THANK GUYS AMAZINGLY HELPFUL

Taking dim as well? Will that help?

Bare in mind not everyone can get away with having high e2 as hrdlvn suggests. If you start having ED, low libido, water retention and high blood pressure its time to drop the e2 a bit. While cycling if my e2 even slightly raises I have these issues and it’s pretty bloody uncomfortable.
Of course be careful with how far you bring it down as going too far will cause you even more issues.

anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor, it’s just the chemical name for one of the drugs in the aromatase inhibitor subsection of medications. They’re nasty little drugs designed to tank oestrogen in patients with ER positive breast cancer. I say they’re nasty due to their high prevalence of side effects when used in clinical settings (IE for breast cancer management)

DIM never worked for me neither did eating all those veggies that was suppost to reduce E2.
Anastrozole is the name of a drug in the AI (aromatase Inhibitor) family. I don’t just take my AI every week I only take it when I feel my E2 is too high. This takes time and experimenting on yourself with lots of mini blood tests. In time you just know when you need one.

100mg every 5 days is a odd protocol. What is your TT and Free T at that amount? Maybe you could drop your dose a little and your E2 will fall in line. If you wanted to try anastrozole I would not take more than .125mg/wk for two week and run a mini blood test. Anastrozole is very powerful and you do not need to take it to reach steady state(double your dose) like other drugs.

Doesn’t every natty who cycles have these issues to some degree?
Just about every one starting TRT complains of these symptoms along with sore nipples?
Then a couple weeks later they just go away on their own.

Do you really try to hold a TRT E2 level (20-40) while blasting at 300-500?


T 1110 range 200-850
FT 300 range 50-150

Definitely lowering my protocol 75mg every 5 days. Might even try EOD but don’t know if half inch 29 works for me. How would you do EOD OR whatever u think. I am 6 years on trt and use to just shot 150mg once’s a week and was fine. Now it’s hard to balance everything. Ur 100000% it becomes Trial and error with experience

Not sure why I have two different E2 numbers? Same blood test VERY Comprehensive

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Dam you respond well to your T shots. To be honest and since you know you have to experiment to know what works for you and you can always try something different later. I will suggest 20mg M/W/F for a weekly total of 60mg. Wait 5 weeks and get a mini blood test of TT FT and E2. I would not go down the AI road just yet you have a lot of room to move around T wise and there is a really good chance you won’t need an AI.
I can’t stand 28 or 29 ga needles I luv 27ga 1/2" easy touch. Trying to load anything smaller was mindnumbing slow for me. No I don’t want to heat up my bottles or back fill I just want to draw and shoot.

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My LH was 0 and Fsh every low. Dr recommended HCG to try and help activate the useage of FT. Make sense?

When I first started my cycle libido went crazy and no ED at all. Yes I do keep to the high end of that while on my cycle, if I dont I have heaps of issues and just feel like absolute shit. If I could get away with it I would definitely hold e2 higher but it’s simply too uncomfortable. To the point the anxiety and depression is too much to handle.

I think a good point to remember is that when on trt as your T raises so will your e2 until you reach steady blood levels and from there your body will reach equilibrium with all hormones. That’s why anyone on trt will experience these issues for a bit then come good.
When your on cycle or you blast your e2 just keeps going up as all would know, for some that’s fine and they can handle that, others it’s just simply too uncomfortable.

My LH was 0 and Fsh every low. Dr recommended HCG to try and help activate the useage of FT. Make sense? Ok will try the 20mg EOD THANKS

Shoulder and quad

When on TRT LH and FSH are suppost to be 0 you are shutdown and those are the two blood tests to see if you are. There is nothing wrong with them being 0.

Here is mine from 3 years back. The last time I ever tested them.

An value to HCG. Not having kids