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Planning First Test Cycle, Finishing Hdrol

Well I’m a couple weeks from finishing up my first anything cycle, used m-drol for a couple weeks (no thanks) and then switched to h-drol, 50mg p/day with novedex xt x2 before bed. I’m using cycle assist and formestane and swallow alot of fish oil for my heart and I heard it helps build muscle too.

I have nolva, and though it seems overkill (to me) for something over the counter, will do the 40/20/20/20 of that plus HcGenerate from Ntbm. Figure after a month or 2 depending on how thongs go I will do a test cycle, was planning on using sustenon once a week but after reading the beginner cycle on here thought Id do that instead, using arimidex and possibly proviron.

I am not entirely sure what test I should use- enanthate seems a good deal, and I doubt there’s alot of difference anyway, so kind of lean towards the cheaper one. I’m thinking every third day, 30 injections would last 90 days. .25 arimidex daily was the plan so far, and if I can find proviron at a decent price I’d like to add that in there as well.

Basically, am I missing anything before I start shelling out the cash? Is this solid looking? I want to start early january.

Yes I’m old enough and have been training long enough. My diet is solid, my bodyfats around 10%.

Alright, burn this thread. I don’t think I needed to post this at all- I read the thing up there by Furious George and I have all I need- gonna try the enanthate e3d and arimidex eod at .25, just like recomended. If I add anything it would be proviron but I don’t see finding it cheap enough, so I’ll keep it simple. Sorry for another pointless post. The thread up there was perfect. After I’m done with that cycle I’ll have alot better reason to post- like a woohoo look how much muscle I’m packing around. I guess I’ll toss up a training log and shut up and train.

Are you gonna take a break in between the PH cycle and the real cycle?

Yeah i will finish the hdrol/novodex xt mid November, pct nolva/hcgenerate for a month, then start the test after new years. So there will be about 2 weeks of nothing but water and whey.

Remember the “time on = time off” rule. PCT counts as “on”.

I agree. Give it a bit more time. You’ll like the results more, too.

Ok I will listen to your advice and wait.

6 weeks ph + 4 weeks pct = 10 weeks, so 10 weeks of nothing but waiting and eating right and living clean before next cycle.

Thank you guys very much, I really appreciate it.

It will be a good chance to get even bigger and stronger before starting my cycle.

I will definately listen and follow this advice. 10 weeks isn’t that long in the big picture.

Are there any good supplements other than protien worth concidering? There’s a bcaa’s supplement that was recommended that I was concidering but I forgot the name, it was like 5 pills=25 grams of really good protien and the price didn’t seem too bad, my main reason for looking into supplements like that was that I only eat fish and eggs, no other animal protiens.

I stopped eating meat before when I was trying to get big and strong for highland games/strongman and had digestion problems. Switching to only whey/eggs helped me alot there and actually believe it or not seemed to help me gain muscle faster. I have concidered adding meat back in slowly but don’t much care for it. I believe I may be committing heresy by talking like this. Right now I’m so damn hungry, I can’t seem to eat enough these days, maybe adding in some slower digesting proteins would help me.

Just eat more. Every 2-3 hours.

Ive been aiming for every 3-4, but been using shakes and meal relacement bars, I can’t believe I was concerned about gaining fat! I’ve gotten leaner and leaner and really vascular. I have veins running from the bottom of my abs to my armpits, and my arms are sick, my uncovered by tattoos arm is crazy, The arm covered in ink would be alot more impressive if it were bare, but I’ve never had so much vascularity.

What’s crazy is I just joined a gym yesterday, I’ve been training at home, all bodyweight pretty much, other than weighted pullups…
I joined a gym so I could deadlift and squat, the gains I have made have been from ring training, static holds like handstands, gymnastic style strength training. More guys should look into it, no one really took me serious, but guys are starting to now. I can’t really post pics, my tattoos would make keeping incognito impossible, but seriously it’s worth a look.

I have experience in training for alot of athletic endeavors, I’ve been a powerlifter, strongman, I’ve been real big, but this style of training has really been an eye opener for trying new things and not being stuck on tradition. With adding basic weight stuff, deads, squats, powercleans, presses, I will really get big. I always struggled with biceps, tried everything and what’s worked best for me has been no direct arm work- at all. I

know I sound full of shit, YouTube Hannibal for king, check out the bartendaz… I’ve never been so strong pound for pound than right now. I’m so excited to try my first real cycle, and I will wait til march, but I plan on putting on posing trunks in the next 1-2 years and will be training at least 50% gymnastic style from the rings in my bedroom. Mass comes from diet, strength comes from resistance.

Ok so I couldn’t finish that cycle, became an out of control rage machine, major mood swings, blood pressure so high I could see my pulse in my veins on my head, horrible mood swings, on the up side I gained 8 pounds and didn’t gain any bodyfat, probably got leaner. Recovering great, back to a happy guy, no more explosions or desire to attack strangers for looking at me. My big questionis if it’s a good idea to concider a cycle down the road, something mild, say once a week 250mg of sustenon. Any thoughts?

6 weeks ph + 4 weeks pct = 10 weeks, so 10 weeks of nothing but waiting and eating right and living clean before next cycle. [/quote]

You should always eat right regardless if your on or off.