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Planning First Cycle


Hey guys, I'm thinking about taking the plunge, and I've narrowed it down to a few choices. I'd like to run a nice lean mass cycle, so I'm thinking either some 'var or Primo to go along with a test base. I'm thinking either:

Weeks 1-8: 350mg Test. Prop. (100mg EOD)
Weeks 1-6: 45mg 'Var ED


Weeks 1-8: 350mg Test. Prop. (100mg EOD)
Weeks 1-6: 400mg Primo/wk

my other question is whether or not subbing Test enan. for the prop significantly increase water retention.

Thanks for any help,



(Note: I have personnally never used, but have done much research)

Regarding the first or second, others probably have some good insight, I'd go with whatever is cheaper. Also regard the 2nd - I'd tried to match up the injections which would put you at 100 of each every other day for example.

Regarding the second question, by looking at the half-lifes we can see that the two will yield different blood levels of each, and I believe that is why you might retain more water with the enan being that it has a half-life of about 6 days. The numbers I come up with regarding substate levels with the different esters using the same mg per week is as follows:

Prop: 100mg/eod - Peak of 277mg with 221mg on non injected days.
Enan: 100mg/eod - Peak of 566mg with 514mg on non injected days
Enan: 200mg/e4d - peak of 621mg with a low of 464
Enan: 350mg/pw - peak of 699mg with a low of 386

So I come to the conclusion that based on the substrate levels being 2x or more with the Enanoinate that it would worsen the sides such as water-retention. Also taking in the account of the blood level variant per day with the longer space between injections (since most people seem to perfer weekly or twice weekly injections with the longer esters) some people say that the blood level rollercoaster adds to the side effects. I hope this helps some.


To my knowlege test prop doesnt make you hold anymore water then enanthate. I would up the test to 500mg a week. If you go with the test e, some d-bol in the first 3 weeks would give you a nice kick start. I would also run an AI such as arimidex at .5mg eod. That will keep the bloat down. You should keep some nolva on hand incase the gyno fairy shows her ugly face. What is your plan for pct? Good luck.