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Planning First Cycle Tbol


Hi everyone :slight_smile: First off all i have to start off and say that I have been a "ghost" reader of this forum for some time now and i feel thats its my time to post something here. I also want to apologise for my bad english.

I am fully aware that Testo is the best first course, but I have chosen not to include this in my first cycle for a simple reason. Water and all the other estrogen side effects. My main object is to put on most muscles that I can keep when I go off a PCT.

Age: 22
Weight: 72kg
height: 176cm
Fat%: 9

as mentioned above this will be my first cycle.
40mg ED for 6 weeks.
As PCT I run Nolva 20/20/20.

Have eaten around 2300 calories past, 4 months to lose fat percentage, but now I plan to eat around 2500/2600 calories.


- 4DL oatmeal with milk
meal 2
-300grams chicken, sweet potato and broccoli
meal 3
-200 Grams of chicken + vegetables file
meal 4 (pre-workout)
-Protein pancake made รข??รข??from 100gram oatmeal, three eggs, 1DL cottage cheese, 1scoop cassein PROT (about 400kcal)
5 meal after training
-Banana, 2scoops 100% whey gold
meal 6, 1 hour later after training
-vary. everything from rice, sweet potato, beef, chicken and fish always around 500 calories
meal 7
-Cassein protein 2 scoop before bedtime.

sometimes I add half a can of cottage cheese or tuna box as a middle meal snack 6 and 7

day 1
day 2
day 3
back / biceps
day 4
day off
day 5

In this program, I run all muscle groups two times every four days.

My goal with this cycle is not being maximized (if my goal was to be as big as possible i would had run deca, or anything else and eaten around 3000 calories). my goal is to go up while I stick the most "lean". Will be left with the most muscle mass after cure. Is there anything you thought I should change? 40mg Tbol day is perhaps a little small should i bump that up to 50mg after d 1 week. 3 weeks of PCT is that okay? How to eat I see it all right? Welcomes all suggestions and feedback :slight_smile:

again I apologise for my bad english and i know its boring to read and it looks very "childish" when you read some grammars wrong all the time :slight_smile:


No need to apologise for your English, we have people all over the world posting here.

Your cycle is not good. A tbol only cycle will do very little.

If your only concern about using testosterone is the water and oestrogen, then you should know that they can be easily controlled with use of an AI such as adex or aromasin.

If your heart is set on doing the tbol only cycle, then nothing anyone on the forum says will change your mind. But you will gain SO MUCH MORE using injectable testosterone, and I assure you the gains are just as keepable.


Thx for the reply mate :slightly_smiling: if you look away from the steroids how do my training and food look ?


^i generally agree you with you Yogi, but from what i've seen, T-bol is the only oral i'd run solo. i agree that it won't give gains like a real cycle, but it's not uncommon (in my experience) to see people gain 5-10 lbs LBM and retain most of it. the only real side effect i've had, is too much of a pump when i run in my calves...

i'd even argue that the legal pro-steroid is nearly as powerful, as i've seen comparable gains at 75 mg/day with that...


cycobush do you think 40mg would be fine or should i bump it up to 50? And should i run any liver protection on cycle?

Thanks again everyone


[quote]cycobushmaster wrote:
but it's not uncommon (in my experience) to see people gain 5-10 lbs LBM and retain most of it. [quote]



yeah man, I call bullshit on that too.




which is you... and is it safe to assume the other one is your BF.

Either way run some Test with the Tbol or don't run.



good counter....

i know pretty of guys who've had great experience with this. believe me or not, i don't care....


i am the one to the right and the guy to to left is my brother.