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Planning First Cycle Questions

Hey, i have put tons of time into reaserching for a first test e cycle. I have heard many ways of a aproaching a first cycle. I want to run a 12 week test E cycle. (deff many posts about this cycle for beginners) First i am putting together a good PCT. I want to run arimidex on cycle. Is the liquid form of arimidex called (anastrozol)? will that be efficient?

Ill use nolva/clomid/adex. For post cycle i will run liquid nolva/clomid, but not sure how to ru on it yet.As for the test, i will pin 200mg or 250mg twice a week (sunday/thursday)I dont plan on running HCG. I have hookups, but didnt purchase anything yet, i just want to get this all planned out for the future. And yes i have been involved in the weightroom for about 8 years. diet will be on point. please comment!!

yes anastrozol is adex make sure you figure out your proper dosage, start with .5 eod and if you are anything like me you will know for sure if this is too much/little. If you can get hcg do so.

For your pct run it like this

Nolva- 40/40/20/20

As far as adex goes it just depends on the person, usually it’s anywhere from .25mg- .5mg EOD. Run it all the up to your pct, tapering Down in the last week.

OK, thanks, so for example on the first week of clomid i should go with 40mg per day…ect

ok thanks, so 100 mg PER DAY your saying with the clomid for the first 2 weeks…ect