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Planning Cycle


I am 21 years old and i have been training year round for about 5 years. My current lifting stats are Clean:265 Bench: 260 Squat: 370. My goals for taking aas is to get stronger and of course bigger. I want to get my bench press up especially. I am doing this athletic reason such as football. Right now i am 6'2'' about 205.

I plan to take test prop eod for about 6 weeks. Each dosing 150 mg.
the reason for using test prop is it is fast acting and it's low detection time.

As PCT is required I am planning to take nolvadex, as far as the dosing

personally i haven't had any experience first hand with aas, done some ph's for what it is worth.


I say wait, your young and should be able to still put on weight and get stronger.


21 old enough, and hes an athlete so likely disciplined.

I do recommend an AI, even with prop. But they are easily acquired, just like nolva is.

Id recommend adex.

AND, more importantly, I do recommend a front load of the prop for a 6 weeker, you'll need all speed you can get in the test kicking.

For nolva the standard protocol is either:

Week 1: 40mg/day
Week 2: 40/mg/day
Week 3: 20mg/day
Week 4: 20mg/day

Or 140 on day one, then 20mg/day for the rest of the four weeks.

Both work, and both are completely adequate protocols.


Shoot the prop daily, and dose the Nolvadex at 40mg a day for two weeks starting 4 days after the last shot, then 20mg a day for two weeks after that.

As for the Bench, it is a particularly weak lift for me too - my chest hasn't the best genetics (insertions), and its strength and mass suffer because of that. You may have the same issue, but use strength techniques, bands, dynamic isometric partials, partials, floor presses.. steroids will of course help the chest to progress, but it will help everything else too so all lifts go up leaving the chest as disproportiontely strong as before - training tips you need, for the chest problem, not AAS.

However with your training stats, i dont see using AAS as a problem for you and i think you will respond very well.
I dont think your weight in relation to your height is great though, as i weight about the same at 5.8", however you are a football athlete not a bodybuilder and i respect that... although i was under the impression American Footballers while needing to be quick, needed to be as big as possible without restricting speed.. no?



do you think i should go with 100mg a day then for dosing in stead of 150mg a day??

Yes I'm kinda kicking my self in the head now because i got everything except an ai such as adex...i think i am going to have to go ahead and get some. I plan on starting my cycle on may 11 so hopefully it will be here in time if not would it be ok to go ahead and start the prop?


*150mg eod


Brook, yes being a football player and maintaining speed is really important to me but i think i could hold more weight with my frame or at least that is what i have been told. being 6'2'' and only weighing 205 is good but at the college level i would like to see myself report back at 215 this is a goal for me


Well that would depend on what position(s) you play. I'll assume you aren't the punter lol.

Receiver or D-back?


no actually quarterback lol