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Planning Another Run

first off the goal is keeping the same BF% and putting on atleast 5-10 pounds of muscle

W1-16 4iu’s HGH ED
w6-11 Tren ace 1gram/week
w6-11 Test P or susp(havent decided yet) 600mg/week
w6-11 an oral (havent decided yet, looking at anavar and winny, no bloating orals… suggestions?)

then my typical PCT

.5cc clomid (12.5mg)
.5cc adex (5mg)
.5cc nolva (10mg)
ED for 4 weeks.

thoughts or suggestions?


I’d drop the ED HGH and go for a more BBB-style protocol of E3D or similar.

I’m not sure on your tolerance for High Tren + Test, but I had excellent results at 7:2 Tren to Test ratio, whereas at 7:5 Ratio I had horrible anxiety, insomnia and blood pressure issues. Perhaps try a slightly lower Test dosage, but this depends on your experiences.

I love Anavar + Tren, slices you up nicely even as the scale slowly climbs. Low dose DBol ~20mg per day and I looked really full without the bloat, so don’t discard the aromatizing orals

last august i ran a 1:1 ratio of test e and tren e. the only bad sides i had was sweating my ass off everywhere i went and night sweats. i think some of that was just the amount of Test-600mg per week. but my strength and gains were pretty incredible and the sides were worth it.

only thing i’m kinda concerned about is the volume i will be injecting IM just with the AAS. will be .9ml test and 1.5ml tren ED… i dont know if i can live with much more volume from IM HGH injections…

whats the dosage on most HGH?