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Planning a Vaction on a Budget


My girl and I were planning on going to Cali to see some family and a friend this winter; but then got the word that it's not all too tropical there in Feb.

So, now I gotta find a place to go for the two of us. The cool thing about going to cali was the free places to stay and cheap flights ($300).

Gotta start looking south-er.

Does anyone have any idea for nice warm places to go in the winter (Feb) that won't cost me a ton? I could probably toss out $1,000 per person for 5 days. Ideally it would be all inclusive....I eat a lot.



Dont' try Galveston...

I would shoot for Flordia somewhere, I know Miami is expensive though.


All inclusives are generally limited to the Caribbean and Mexico. Vacation travel is a screaming deal right now. Most resorts have cut rates to the bone and sales are actually quite brisk due to the discounting. By the way it should be mid 80's in Feb in the Caribbean.

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic can be had for $159/night and is all inclusive (Punta Cana Princess Resort). It's a great hotel and usally sells for quiet a bit more. It's all inclusive and the food is good.

Send me a PM if you want more info.


We were in Punta Cana last year; DR is amazing. Plus we were with a group of 18 people. lol.


Can't guarantee the weather, but try the southeast, gulf shores, New Orleans.
I know it sounds a bit nerdy, but you can tour a bunch of historical sites in the south for pretty cheap and stay at some amazing casino hotels.
Hit new orleans for the D-Day museum, then head to Vicksburg, Mississippi, then head back towards the water and catch sopme shows at the casinos and such.
Might be a good change of pace, also good for some learning.

Plus these trips usually wind up being fairly cheap because they aren't real tourist spots, or resorts.


Disneyworld! :slight_smile:
Seriously..lot's to do in Orlando..and in FEB it isn't so touristy. Have fun!


You could probably find a cancun vaca but use an agency who can negotiate airline tickets and hotel rates for you.

$1000 isn't really that much for a week of all inclusive vacationing.

Miami or somewhere in S. Florida could be good too.




Cancun is a good deal also. Azul Fives can be had for $227/night and it's all inclusive. New place and a great destination.

Lot's to do in Cancun. Fun night life and lot's of tours and things to see.


I've been to Key West half a dozen times, I love it down there.

You can fly to Miami or Ft Lauderdale dirt cheap, and then rent a car for just one day to drive to the Keys. It's a 4 hour drive to Key West from Miami, but it's a beautiful very enjoyable drive.

Once you're at Key West, you can drop your car off, you don't need a car there because it's a small island. Me and my wife just bike or walk everywhere.

You can snorkel, scuba dive, take jet ski tours, or just drink your ass off. It's a fun fun place for around 4-5 nights max.

The other islands are nice to visit to.

Good luck.


You could do an Al Bundy style "World Tour". Where you just rent a bunch of foreign flicks and sit on your couch and watch them.