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Planning a Trip to China


So I was planning my annual October Trip to China when I heard they canceled the Dog Carnival.

"The Chinese government has banned a traditional carnival in the east of the country.

The tradition in Qianxi in the wealthy coastal province of Zhejiang dates back 600 years to celebrate a local military victory and is normally held every October, the official Xinhua news agency said."

Its crazy that you can no longer go to China to get a fresh Hot Dog. Was anyone else planning to attend?



Are their hot dogs made of real dogs?


I take it you did not click on the link?

Is China actually starting to understand how the world really works?


I read it after I posted the comment. The Chineese are sick fucks.


I don't know how your world works, but in my world, people eat animals.

I'd certainly eat dog.


Would you eat a human?


Well good for you, most of the human race has recognized Dogs for there value as working animals not food. Of course most people go to far, however also most of the human race also do not eat horses. Why cause they are working animals.

China has continued to want to "trade" and make money off the rest of the world however not recognize normal societal taboos.

My question was more for the fact of are they now starting to feel this pressure.

Also why would you want to eat a dog?

Personally a Sirloin or Ribeye taste much better.


Horse meat is eaten all over Europe and Asia. There was even a poster from Switzerland (i think?) who posted a shot of his horse steak in the snap a pic of your plate thread.

How would you know a Sirloin or Ribeye would taste better? Have you eaten dog before?


Its called logic. If Dog meat was out of this world they would not have been utilized more for working animals, they would have been farmed for there meat.

Have you ever worked on a farm? Have you ever been outside and worked the land or ranch?

Plus again your sites for Horse is due to what? Economy not meat again same logic as before. You can eat anything there are shows on food network all the time for this.

However what is palatable in a general consensus is what has developed over the evolution of man. In times of great scarcity humans will do things to survive that is not the discussion here.


I eat female humans all the time. taste great and less filling.


People do not eat dogs because of the relationship humans formed with the animal over time and their high level of intelligence. Unless you have tasted the animal yourself, you cannot really know for sure. Clearly, dog meat is suitable to the Chinese pallet.

It's common knowledge horse meat is considered a delicacy in Europe, do a search for yourself.

It is also available in Canada: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-wine/they-eat-horses-dont-they/article1857411/


I don't begruge anybody for their choice in food. I'm not a Peta lovin Vegan but I don't like the cruelty of chopping up a live animal and cooking it. On the converse, I eat chx all the time. Have you ever looked into the cruelty that goes on at a chx farm?


An excerpt from the article:

"In neighbouring Kazakhstan, horsemeat is turned into sausages, and in Mongolia, prepackaged horsemeat is found on grocery-store shelves. Some Belgians like their horsemeat lean while people in some regions of Italy like it fatty. The French prefer the tender meat fringed with yellow fat that comes from older horses.

Horse-eating countries of the world share another unexpected love: Canadian horses. Canada, it so happens, punches above its weight, producing an estimated 20,000 tonnes a year, most of which is shipped fresh to Europe."


Most dogs don't work. They're lazy bastards that sit around and lick you. Kinda sounds like a hawt housewife doesnt it? (edited)


That is a chicken factory not farm and yes its pretty cruel.

I could care less what the Chinese do for their food choice.

However if people do not release the POTENTIAL threat that China has for the world than it is time to wake up.

I was commenting more on the fact that this is how it can start in communist countries. Changing from within and eventually bringing them out of the dark ages is always a good thing.

And the the Canadian with the burning Yankees hat go talk to some one else, you are like 12 years old and live with your parents. Only reason you are on here cause nobody else in life will talk to you.


Good point.

It all boils down to North Americans attitude towards the animal.


Hilarious that some seem to be making a huge deal over Chinese eating dogs, as if that is the biggest of their problems. It is part of Chinese culture to eat practically anything that won't poison or kill you. I'd be more ticked off with their political regime, violation of human rights and expansionist ideals instead of what they put on their dinner table.


Let me explain it better for you then:


My initial reaction is that I'm repulsed. But after years of internet viewing my insensitivity response kicks in. Still takes a few seconds though.


Hungry Much