Planning a Pro Hormone Cycle

Hey everyone I am having a difficult time deciding what company to go with as the pro hormone market is sort of new…any advice as to what type of Epistane I should purchase? IBE or Vital labs? Also how will i feel on cycle? Anyone here have any advice for me? I will be running it with HCGenerate while on cycle and then follow with PCT and Phytoserms 347. Thanks in advance guys this is my first post here in T Nation!

If this is your first cycle run halodrol. I cant really tell you what mgs because that is also weight dependent. Most can be found by a quick google search. If you want bulk id recommend methylstenbolone (usually second or third cycle). If you want to cut, epistane. If you want to get stronger, oral tren or max lmg.

Most of the others arent very tested so id go with these or a similar clone. I had good results back when with “tri methyl xtreme”. Probably not a good beginners place though. You will most likely feel lethargic and sex will become long or your dick will die. This is because your body doesnt produce any natural testosterone and the above dont work for your dick.

You will gain strength even when you arent pumped up and are lethargic. I recommend a good preworkout. For pct, i recommend throwing in some d aspartic acid and pes erase or low dose 6 bromo. And of course, get a high dose of vitamin d, zinc, and magnesium. You can expect these synthetic forms to be primarily anabolic and not very androgenic.

As for the type of epi, doesnt matter. It has been around for 3-4 years and none of them have reputably been around for a very long time.



Translation- get a real serm

[quote]Mennotinblack wrote:
Translation- get a real serm[/quote]

and run some real gear… chances are good OP is a teenager… in which case he has no clue what he’s doing and is just trying to look good in his youth small polo in the 18 and up club

Yeah if that’s true id hold off till 21 man.

^ This!

PH’s are to be taken seriously and in most cases are harder on your body than injectables. Don’t do this if you aren’t at least 21.

Honestly not harder than injectables… Because since they dont convert to as much testosterone they dont shut you down as hard… And the cycles are shorter. There are just more sides (primarily liver and heart) that need to be taken into account. The young man’s hpta is why he needs to stray away from ph’s and aas.

[quote]Mennotinblack wrote:
Honestly not harder than injectables… Because since they dont convert to as much testosterone they dont shut you down as hard… [/quote]

wait… what?

You are a lot less likely to go on trt from prohormones if you dont abuse them. Picture only doing one month of test at 2-3x trt dose (random guess). The other sides are nasty though, none of whixh should be permanent unless you are under 21 or again, abusing them. This is also why they are only 1/4th as effective as injectables, if even that.

I quite liked the 3 weeks of epistane I did. Nowhere near as good as AAS but got a couple of lbs of bodyweight and bit of a jump in strength. Pretty modest really, but defnitely worked a bit.

I reckon if you were pretty inexperienced AAS wise (like me, lol) you could probably get some alright gains on 6 weeks of epistane if you dosed it high enough.

While this is true same point stands… Under 21= no ph, no aas.

[quote]Mennotinblack wrote:
While this is true same point stands… Under 21= no ph, no aas. [/quote]

While I don’t agree with your assessment of which is more dangerous. I can agree that they both have their dangers and have no business in the hands of anyone under 21. There are too many reasons not to do either before then and possibly even later. I’d hate to see a kid seriously mess up his body, endocrine system, heart, liver, etc… Unfortunately, I can remember being 18, 19, 20 and you couldn’t have told me anything. I was young, stupid, and invincible. I hope that in this day and age with so many things that can permanently damage someone of that age a few of them listen to the advice given and learn to eat properly and train hard. Lest they become another government statistic about why the educated adults can’t do what they want to do.

Agreed. NO PH OR AAS. And Install, when I am referring to Ph’s, I am not referring to the designer steroids (ultradrol at the moment, superdrol in the past) that are active in their form. Even the winny like prohormone, prostanazol, got removed. The “new” DHEA prohormones and new progestins are not even liver toxic. Halo, Epistane, cyanostane, MENT, and DMZ are the only liver toxic ones left.

All of the other major types have been shut down by the government (perhaps until new ones arise). None of them should mess up the blood work like superdrol did at the moment. While I of course never recommend this, I have had friends that have taken ph’s for 8 months straight (I warned them, but some people just don’t get a bad thing until it happens). On top of this, they all drank a lot of alcohol and eat chipotle probably 3-4 times a week, taco bell a few times, mcdonalds, etc. While I do of course just as much respect your side in regards to the safeness, and I agree ph’s are not safe, I was merely referring to hpta shutdown. One other reason why ph shutdown is not as bad is because the half lifes are often very short (sometimes 8 hours) and it is not around the clock suppression (also a reason why ph’s are less effective).

But I am not saying this to encourage him. If a teenager is at 450 ng/dl and shuts himself down (and he will either way), what could that do to his development? In all honesty, we don’t know. We are on the same page about that. Today’s prohormones are mild in comparison to the ph’s of 2001-2005. But shutdown is shutdown, AAS or PH. Some bloodwork of liver and heart values for a young resilient body is not the primary problem (it is a problem though). It is his development where I place my concerns. Hold off or you may have a lot of problems down the road bud. There is a reason why literally everyone will tackle you for being under-aged. We are looking out for you.

I am referring to H-Drol, M-Drol (superdrol clone), Halo, Epi, Cyan, etc… Most of them while no longer are produced are readily and legally available (government stopped production but didn’t require removal from shelves{ebay}). I always assume that is what people are talking about when they say PH. All of which are too easy to abuse. Especially for someone young that starts seeing results. While having short half-lives they are capable of shutting you down, especially as teenager (possibly permanently at that age). Dangerous is dangerous and I am glad that I never got into this stuff as a kid. I would have messed myself up for sure. BTW your friends are idiots and are exactly the people that I was referring to earlier that ruin good things for the rest of us. You should have just shot them. I’m kidding of course. I could however make a fairly logical argument for this.

And I could agree. Most of them are just dumb college kids in ROTC wanting to be a military badass. I always tell them they are compensating for something.