Planning a DNP Cycle with ECA Stacker

This is my first post on T-nation, I’m not sure if im posting in the right sub.

I’m planning a dnp cylce and would like some help. I’m quite experienced and feel safe while taking dnp. Keeping it at 200mg ed cause I don’t see any points of taking 400mg and not be able to leave your home.

Anyway… I want to add a ECA stacker this time (Never used this before, therefore I have questions).

The ECA stack I’ll be using (per cap): ephedrine 35mg / caffeine 200mg / aspirin 125mg / reductil 10mg / taurine 100 mg / guarana 200mg).

I’ve about people taking eca stack once, twice and thrice a day.

Would you guys advice me to go with low dosages? 200mg dnp + one eca stack cap per day? (Since I’ve never used ECA’s before).

A friend is recommending me to stay on 200mg dnp ED the whole cycle and take 1 cap eca ed the first week followed by 2 caps ed (8h appart) for the entire cycle.

I have all things in check, diet, training etc… Just new to ECA’s.

Thanks in advance!

Why are you using DNP? Can you not lose fat with diet alone? Is it really nessecary to acutely risk you’re life in order to shed a couple pounds faster. You may have used DNP previously and been fine, but like all UGL’s, dosing from batch to batch and lab to lab can be a crapshoot, an overdose of DNP equates to a painful, irreversible death and/or organ damage.

You’re already using the ECA stack, it’ll help shed fat in itself. If you need DNP + ECA to lose fat then you’re doing something wrong.

Adding ECA to DNP will significantly increase you’re resting pulse and dramatically increase the chance of arrythmias (both benign such as sinus tachycardia and dangerous such as vtach)

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You could end up cooking your brain on that stack. That’s a lot of thermogenics at once, man.

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Just did a bit of reading on DNP, why on earth would you want to put that into your body? Have you done your research on it? Multiple people have literally died taking it.

Could end up cooking his… everything

Some pro body builder died of dnp in hospital in Turkey

Extremely serious chemical

Lots of guys (and gals) have died from DNP,

If it’s the same bodybuilder as I know of, he took 20 of tablets and called his dad and said he will be dead in an hour and told him what he’s taken. He was put in an induced coma and died. The other more famous cases…Eloise Perry…she took 8 X 200mg tablets. That is INSANE. Then there was the Asian lad , aspirin g bodybuilder he took 7. I’ve used it safely, if Ur gonna be stupid and take 600mg plus then your fault. Personally I got quickest results from 400, but it’s uncomfortable, I stick to 200/250mg, make sure I take magnesium and taurine supplements with it. As for T5… Well T5 as u know works as an antagonist on your androgen receptors, wheras DNP works at a cellular level, I’ve done it before and again results were v good

Holy fuck why would anyone risk it on DNP??? and then STACK IT with ECA. I mean, I’d go lengths for weight loss but not this far man. Not this far.

reading this article makes me piss my pants DNP: The Weight Loss Drug That Is Still Killing People

No you haven’t, you just didn’t have anything bad happen. If I say “I played Russian Roulette safely”, then because I walked away and the guy next to me blew his head off, I was playing a safe game? You ingested poison instead of dieting, and you even say you used it at high dosages. Nothing safe about what you did.

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So many other options for fat loss I just can see how someone justifys using DNP it’s probably safer to smoke crack for weight loss the entire cycle.

yeee, some people do use cocaine/methamphetamine to cut weight… It’s one of the stupidest god damn things I’ve ever heard of (although likely effective) that people apparently do. Imagine being on Tren, mast, winny, test then throwing in some crack… It’s funny to think about but my god… You’d be looking at a very premature death unless you have the genes of like… Ozzy Osbourne.


I would do this before using DNP😂

Don’t know why all the freaking out. Dnp has even been used as an anti cancer drug. ECA hell anything can kill you steroids cellphones etc. Those who have died have used an excessive amount.

I think it’s because if you can’t lose weight on DNP alone then you have no business doing anything else. It’s enough on its own.

This is stupid as shit.

" In 1981, a physician (Dr. Bachynsky) in TX, USA processed industrial DNP into tablets which he marketed/dispensed under the trade name ‘Mitcal’ through his private weight loss clinic [16]. He advertised that weight loss occurred using ‘Mitcal’ through a mechanism he called intracellular hyperthermia therapy. It is alleged in subsequent court proceedings that over 14,000 people were treated by Dr. Bachynsky. Individuals using Mitcal started reporting adverse effects, such as fever, shortness of breath and sweating, to the US Food and Drugs Administration in late 1982. Additionally, there was a fatality associated with an intentional overdose of ‘Mitcal’ in 1984. Following further investigation, Dr. Bachynsky was convicted in 1986 of drug law violations, fined and prohibited from dispensing DNP to any patients. However, he continued to use DNP for a variety of different ‘medicinal claims’ and was eventually jailed for fraud in 2008 in the USA in relation to the marketing of a company that was developing DNP being used in Europe as a cancer treatment known as intracellular hyperthermia therapy [17]."

Der herrrrr, meth was even used as an energy booster! Even too much water can kill you!

See how stupid that sounds? I swear, the mental gymnastics that people do to convince themselves that something “isn’t that bad” blow my mind.

I’ve used it not so much for the weight loss but for the lethargy. Eca is a great preworkout. Add some Cialis in the mix and Boom!

Do you compete?

No in don’t. My money is as green as anybodys.I do what I want.

Don’t think anyone suggested otherwise, cowboy.

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