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Planning a Cycle

210 lbs
close to 8 years in training

Trying to plan a cycle. I keep hearing about the devilish tri fecta of test p, tren a, and d-bol

Test E
Test P
Tren A

above drugs are what i have access to the easiest. Now i have tryed the trifecta at very low doses before, a long time ago and learned a huge lesson and adjusted how i think about ASS (not a magic pill)

so i wanted to get some input on what combinations of the above would be best. I have absolutely no experience about Nand. I guess i wouldnt mind running the trifecta again except for the bloody n dry noses.

Oh also that stupid cycle i ran of the trifecta was 2 tren to 1 test ration. so i might have gone wrong there.

The cycle i want would be mass building primarily. My diet, (precision nutrition) should keep me lean throughtouhg.

any advice?

for now going back to some stickie till i hear from ppl.

W.H.B., bonez, maddy D, dynamo humm >>>>> any input since you seem like vets? oh i didnt forget you brooks.

Test Prop
Test Enan
Tren Ace
Mast Prop

are the compunds i have available…

I can quote Brook from earlier today on another thread and Ironjoe’s favourite cycle. Pretty good info between the two…


Having used both (Tren and Deca) and being a former proponent of Deca in a big way… i can safely say that Tren is the better drug.

Tren will give relatively the same amount of size as deca, but much more strength, some more quality and a positive effect on libido with estrogen present and controlled.

I would favour Test, Tren and Dbol these days over Test, Deca and Dbol.

Dosages that i find to be best for myself are 700/350/210 (TestP/TrenA/Dbol), injected daily.




April 12, 2009 3:44 am

Because Mast+Tren makes you waaay harder and helps prevent what I refer to as “fat man syndrome”. Tren makes me breath really heavy while working out and made it hard to catch my breath. Added in Masteron and BOOM. Workout capacity skyrocket and could breath normally. Not to mention I could suddenly carb up 2x as well on the same amount of carbs.

Masteron may not be a great mass builder, but god damn does it make you feel great lol. And its fairly inexpensive if your only taking 300mg/week.

My last cycle (Ironjoeâ??s favourite cycle to date)

700 test prop
500 tren ace
500 mast