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Planning a Cycle

So here it is, I am planning a cycle, this would be my first time ever using one. So what I have been thinking of doing is a 2 month long cycle that goes something like this:

Week 1-8: 400mg deca NPP
Week 1-8: 400mg Testo P
Week 1-4: 20-30mg Dbol daily

What do you think of this cycle, and anything you think I should add or change about this stack. I am currently 22 yrs old, 6’5 and 235 pounds, keeping a strong diet and workout regimen.

As far as anti estrogen supplements, what u advise me to get as well.

Thx for any advise, would be highly appreciated!

make the deca 350… the test 500… the dbol 30mg for 6 weeks…

and use arimidex at 0.25mg EOD-ED

and thank me later!

How long been training and what natty gains you made?

I trained weights from when I was 17 I would say, but last year I had a back/shoulder injury which put me back quite a bit. But before that I deadlifted 440 pounds, benched 275, squatted 330.

I would say that I am pretty much back at these weights after recovering from injury.
My training consists typically of 4-5 days a week, where I go for a part of my body per training. Typically this would be something like deadlift/back day / Chest, Triceps day / Squat, leg day / Shoulders/biceps.

I also train cardio 3-4 times a week, then if on a weight day, would be after my weight training, 20 minutes on a step machine at the fat burning premade setup. I train abs as well, usually slide it in every 2-3 days.

As for diet, I usually eat around 6 meals a day, that being like 2 shakes of 50g protein, and 4 other protein rich meals. The only supplements I have been using up til now has been Animal pak for my daily vitamine needs, and fish oil to keep up my omega 3 levels.

Btw, thx for tips so far. I appreciate any sort of input!

looks pretty good so far mate… your weight; 235lb@6’4"… i am not positive but isnt that kinda light?

Also, what are your goals… and why do you train… you do seem to have a strength orientated base… you used weights to show development rather than measurements, pics or mass… and you have a bench and squat/dl day… or are you all about the functional bb that TNationers love so much?

I really like those basic exercises, the dead lift and so on ;p My goal would be to increase my weight with about 20-30 pounds to start with I guess, and get more strength as well.

As far as my current weight, wouldnt call it lightweight, but you are right, need a bit more before I get really bulky ;p I am trying to eat all that I can though, and I am not especially skin, more like a lean build.

Used to be a basketballplayer in high school, but injured myself, so sort of missed out on college that way, hehe ;p So now I am all about getting big and strong I would say.

And what are the reasons for this cycle… obviouslt test/deca/dbol is a great cycle… but why the short esters?

Similar to the good advice Brook gave you:

~Run the NPP at 100mg EOD (350mg/week)
~Run the Prop at 100-150mg EOD (350-525mg/week)
~Run the Dbol all 8 weeks
~You will more than likely experience what feels like a crash at the end of the cycle even with Serm/AI support as the NPP is going to stick around about a week longer than the Prop; causing suppression longer. To remedy this I would simply stop the NPP at about 6-7 weeks or run the Prop a bit longer.
~Letrozole would be your best choice for an AI since your are running Nandrolone. Any AI will work fine though. I’d run Letro at 1/4 tab/ml start to finish, Arimidex at .5mg/day (might do .33mg if using liquid), or Aromasin at 12.5mg/day: But it is very individual as far as results and one could easily get away with making those doses EOD or halved, I personally know what my E levels respond at due to getting regular blood tests and fine the above doses ideal.

A note regarding the Prop/dbol dosage: I personally love to take 350mg-525mg/week Prop and compliment it with 175mg/week dbol for a total of 525mg-700mg/week. So on that note if I were to change your timeline slightly to match dosing a bit better I would come up with:

NPP at 100mg/eod for 40 days (2 1000mg/vials)
PROP at 140mg/eod for 43 days (3 1000mg/vials)
DBOL at 30mg/day for 45 days (135 10mg/tabs)
LETR at 1/4tab/ml per day for 48 days (12 tabs or 1 vial)
NOLV at 20mg/day for 25 days starting at day 49(25 20mg/tabs)

If you want it longer:
NPP at 100mg/eod for 60 days (3 1000mg/vials)
PROP at 140mg/eod for 71 days (5 1000mg/vials)
DBOL at 30mg/day for 66 days (200 10mg/tabs)
LETR at 1/4tab/ml per day for 77 days (20 tabs or 1 vial)
NOLV at 20mg/day for 25 days starting at day 78(25 20mg/tabs)

well, the reason behind the short esters would be that, thats what they guy who sells it around my place suggested ;p I told him I wanted to get some nice bulking going on, and he said this was a good way to go at it.

Since u asked about the short esters, does that mean u dont think its advisable to go with that type?

Not at all… it just isnt seen that often.

The main issue with the short esters is the injection frequency, if one is new to injecting then, confidence, sterility, accuracy and all that good shit is likely to be low - multiply that by an extra 2-5 injections a week… and you got yourself an abscess (or couple wasted amps at least) waiting to happen.
Plus injecting can get plain tedious - even for those who have a fixation with it.

Other than that i would actually say that the shorter esters would be more favourable.
They allow for a little less water buildup in all preparations… so with Test and Nand that is favourable, and if it is a quality source of Nand then the results should be nothing short of quite dramatic - with prop. Fast, big and quality results. (guess what i just talked myself into ordering next??!)
Plus if nasty side effects are noticed at some point, then it is easy to dis-continue the drugs to stop the problem at the root (with addition of correct side related chemical of course) - whereas with the mid to long estered drugs… the chemicals will keep acting long after the last shot.


Those are not so big problems for me ;p I will just let my buddy who is already on the juice inject me, as the dirty bastard has already made me inject his fat ass one time too often, haha.

I am good to hear this is a nice way to go ^^

One thing I have been thinking about myself though, is what would I expect from this cycle if I skipped the deca and went for 200mg prop eod instead? Read up that deca could be a little hurting on the libido, wouldnt want that to much of a degree. And this would be my first stack ever, so what sorts of gains would one see in difference with the two options I have been thinking of:

1.200mg test pro eod, 30mg dbol ed
2. The cycle which u guys posted with 500 test ew, 300 deca ew, 30 mg dbol eod

I feel that for me coming into this game ;p Its hard to know exactly what to expect, and what sorts of gains I would see.

The dealer I know is slightly optimistic to ask the least, saying I would go up anywhere from 20 to 35 pounds of raw muscle in the period ;p sounds slightly optimistic, but hey, why not, I wouldnt mind it.

So always nice to hear more probable assumptions from somebody who actually doesnt make a living from selling me the goods ;p