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Planning a Cutter

Alright i’m planning a cutter and would like some advice on everyones experience with test esters. Originally I had planned on fronting 1400mg enanthate and running it at 700mg a week for 7 weeks and ending with test prop 100mg eod for 3 weeks along with anavar at 40mg a day for the last 5 weeks. Anyone who is thinking of using anavar it is well worth the price. With this i will be running a-dex.

Now it has always been my opinion that it is not the drug you use for cutting that makes it effective but the diet used with it. With carb intake heavily reduced and the use of the a-dex does anyone see me having a problem with water retention and bloat? I have also been reading into the use of test suspensions effectiveness in a cutting cycle.

My second option would be to run the suspension at 100mg ed for the same length as above. Because of its short halflife i had assumed it would be associated with less water retention, however due to its potency i have also heard the exact opposite. Anyone?

No input from anyone?

Fine, I’ll answer.

I have done 2 grams of test a week on a diet and experienced absolutely no water retention, so yes water retention is very much carb related. As long as you keep your estrogen in check with an AI you should do fine. As for using VAR, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference if you are using it or not with that much test. There may be some benifit to the joints and tendons however.

As for suspension, I have never used it. So I can’t tell you anything about that, but I would suspect you should not have any problems at all. If you do use test susp. try to split your injections into two per day To keep your levels high, inject in the AM and later, maybe after your workout. It is pretty smooth stuff, so you should be able to use a slin pin.

Thanks for the info bro mostly what i suspected, some input is always good though. Well I’ll see about the Anavar i had great results with it last time but i was also running alot less test.