Planning 2nd Cycle. When to Use Adex?

Hey everyone!

Ready to start my second cycle (most likely the last) and wanted to get a quick audit. My first cycle was test-e 400mg/week for 16 weeks + PCT and had great success (barely any sides and no gyno), increased size and strength and kept a lot of the gains. (I’m assuming I was much below my genetic potential)

I’m the leanest I’ve ever been 5’9, 10% bf at 168lbs.

I’m 34 now and aware of the risk involved which is why I’m going heavy on PCT this time around in hopes of the best recovery possible.

weeks 1-12: 600mg test-e
weeks 4-12: 50mg anavar
weeks 12-16: 250iu HCG EOD

PCT after last HCG pin:
Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Chlomid: 50/50/25/25

I do have a question about arimidex, I have tabs on hand, but am wondering if I will need to use them with a 600mg test-e dose preventatively? Or should I just get bloods drawn 4 weeks in and then decide whether or not to take it? Someone mentioned to me before it’s better to keep estrogen in check by administering adex weekly, but I don’t have clarity on the test-e dose he made that suggestion on.


Only change I would make is stick with Nolva only for the SERM. You could run it longer like 40, 40, 20, 20, 10, 10. HCG is probably a good idea, and you have it set up correctly.

I would say without extensive experience, you should have blood work and symptoms. High E2 without symptoms should not be addressed. If you have High E2 in your blood work and symptoms of High E2, then start slow with it. Like .25 mg 2-3X a week.


Thanks for your advice. First pin going in today… I’m stoked!

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Why even start it then?

I’m 34, single, and already have a kid. So I want feel my best and look my best during my 30s and don’t want to waste years trying to get to my prime physique (for me) when I’m 40 there.

For context, I’ve been working out for 7 years and last cycle I made very visible gains. I feel I am near my genetic cap for muscle growth and would be happy with whatever this second achieves. I have a plan on what to workout and diet is already on point. No to mention, my genetics are shit and I have mild pectus excavatum, so I’ve been self conscious of physique (mainly chest), I also have unevenness in some areas that I would love to correct.

So really the question is, why not? :slight_smile:

So you’re going to run one cycle (your last ever), and expect to keep all the gains from it for 6+ years? That’s not how it works

I have no issues if you’re thinking of running steroids, but know that one or two cycles isn’t going to get you anywhere. Either commit to it or don’t do it.

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200% agree

Would look different to me. I’d only take one of the two SERMs and would run hCG throughout the cycle. Yes, it possibly creates more difficulties with higher E2 but it increases the chance that you are going to bounce back.

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Not sure I understand, are you’re saying I will lose all gains made on cycle if I don’t continue to cycle? Even if I am still below my genetic potential? It’s been 4 months since I’ve been off and I still have about 75% of gains (arm measurement) that I made before I started.

I was under the belief that hitting gear well below your genetic potential would allow you to make gains and get close to that physiological cap quicker. As long as you are under that cap, most of those gains will remain as that is what your body would allow for.

Once you surpass that unnatural limit of muscle mass, you will need gear to keep that, otherwise you will drop back down to it. Is that not the case?

The closer you are to your genetic potential the less likely the gains will stick. Also steroids like anavar have a cosmetic effect that will disappear when off of the drug.

Most guys that are well under their genetic potential are more likely to keep their gains if they are training in a way that would be making steady gains without the drugs. However, if cycling rather than blasting and cruising, you’ll drop a lot of those gains while you’re getting your natural hormone levels back up. Most likely, with enough cycles, your hormones will not return to your pre-cycle levels.

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This sounds a lot more like someone who should be on trt and occasionally blast than someone who’s doing one more cycle and calling it quits.

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