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Planning 1st Cycle, From Singapore

Hey everyone. I am planning my first cycle. Live in Singapore so would be awesome if anyone else form here can chime in and give me some advice on the scene here.

Current stats

79KG 5’8
Bench 5RPM 110kg
Squat 5 RPM 140
Deadlift 5RPM 160

I would like to run a 10 week Test E cycle, possibly with a 4 week T-bol kickstart. PCT Nolva and Clomid for 4 weeks. Armidex on hand

This is totally dependent on ease of getting gear here which I have no idea about, hence wondering if anyone else has experience of Singapore?

BTW I am not looking for a source I know thats not allowed, Im more trying to find out legal implications. For example shipping through customs. I am finding it very hard to get a definitive answer on this.

Any help appreciated cheers


best advice I can give you is to google your country with the gear name you want. Alot of sites will tell you what countries they don’t guarantee shipping to or what countries they have a hard time getting supplies to. The bigger names are usually better. Sorry I can’t be too specific but trying to follow guidelines

yeh I did my homework. Basically some people do ship it in but there are no concrete answers on potential consequences. Ie they might just confiscate it, or they might chuck you in jail to make an example of you. Sooo basically no I wont be doing it lol.