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Planned Research: Peg-MGF + BPC 157

So my research subject has issues bilaterally with the patella. Left patella has chondromalacia in the cartilage, lateral. Right patella has a focal tear behind the patella in the cartilage. Also presenting bilateral muscle atrophy in the vastus lateralis, even though the muscle groups are being trained.

Planning to use Peg-MGF and BPC 157 once they arrive. The Peg-MGF to restore atrophied muscle, and the BPC 157 to help with healing of cartilage.

Dosing schedule will be:
Peg-MGF - dosed at 200mcg per side 3 sites along the vas. lats., after heavy training sessions. So 2-3 weekly. IM.
BPC 157 - dosed at 200mcg EOD per side. Alternating medial and lateral sides of the patella. SubC.

This should run roughly 25-30 days. This is being added to TRT for the subject.

Any opinions on the dosing? I’m aware a month isn’t a ton of time, but expectation is that there should be some inkling of efficacy during that period of time. If it’s effective, a longer schedule will be planned for.

Overall any thoughts? Goal is to reduce pain during daily use, as well as restore the ability to squat, in a quicker period of time than the “no load bearing movement for 6 months” that another suggested.

Successfully turned my BPC157 into a fountain during recon.

I should win a prize or something.

Are there any updates on this?