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Planned Parenthood


Absolutely fucking disgusting.


Damn! You beat me to it!
I have been investigating this for a couple of days now. I wanted to make sure this wasn't just bullshit that was trumped up with creative editing. Here's the thing, lots of liberal sites have attempted to discredit the movie makers, but NONE, not one has denied that it happened/ is happening.
What's happening is Planned Parenthood is selling/ distributing organs and body parts from aborted children. I wish I was making it up.
That's the disturbing part. I am going to post a bunch of links from various sources. The thing I was looking for a is a flat denial of the practice. I couldn't find a flat denial. A sugar coating, like saying that they are 'tissue donations' for research, but no denial.
It's fucking disgusting, repugnant, morally depraved in every possible way.

I will post these links so that those who don't consider Fox news to be not real news, I.E. has conservative rather than liberal slant, there's lot's of sources, fair and balanced.
Find the denial. I don't want to hear about selective editing, the entire video is available, unedited. I don't want to hear about the people who made the video, I want to hear a flat denial that the practice of selling baby organs, especially livers, hearts, and now lungs from aborted babies is not happening and I want it backed up. No matter what you think of the people who made it, Planned Parenthood has a problem.


Here the videos:

Here is the unedited video:


The video is disturbing. The way that disgusting creature talks about crushing a fetus and removing body parts is absolute disgusting.




Planned Parenthood Doctor: Clinics Harvest, Distribute Aborted Baby Parts [VIDEO]


There you have it. Maybe the filmers are freaks, but they didn't make this Nucatola woman say what she said. This has been stewing for a couple of days. I didn't think the mainstream media would pick up the story. The mainstream media has even the liberal media, has picked it up. Something is going on that is unethical and repugnant.
I do find it interesting that infant livers are what most interest the buyers. But lungs and hearts are getting popular. And this 'doctor' just knows where to put the forceps so as to not crush the body parts they have orders for. If one had just the text and no I.D. as to the source, one could swear it was Joseph Mengele talking.

Is this o.k. with anybody? I think I would like to know that up front.


Is anyone surprised that folks who are okay with killing children for the sake of convenience are talking like this? Really?


How is this appreciably different from pediatric organ donation using children who have managed to escape the birth canal?


Consent? Of whom, the child? Absent in either case.

Consent of the parent? Present in both cases.

Is it the money involved? Would it make a difference if Planned Parenthood didn't make a profit on the sale of fetal tissue?

Or is it just the tone of voice they use to talk about it all?

Yes, hearing these people talk as casually as they do about the disposition of postmortem fetal organs might be disturbing to some viewers, but just eavesdrop on a couple of surgeons sometime. Or a couple of soldiers. Amongst themselves, I assure you, there are no hushed tones of reverence when talking about dead bodies, even the ones they caused.


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Come on buddy, lets hear it!

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And if the babies/fetuses are going to be aborted anyway...
This is considerably different from a moral hazard situation in which, say, women are being paid to grow fetuses that are then harvested.

What do you guys think they do with the remains after an abortion otherwise? Give them a funeral?



If it's a choice between an aborted fetus getting dumped into a hazardous waste bag and tossed into an incinerator, or being recycled to maybe save another life, I don't see it as being a very tough decision to make. Especially if there is money involved.


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I'm fairly confident that if one of his children needed an urgent liver transplant, and the only available liver came from an aborted fetus, that he would not turn it down on account of his religious beliefs. Cannot say for certain. Perhaps I'll ask him.


She is casually talking about killing a baby and then slicing said baby up in such a way that they can use / sell various body parts.

I truly have no desire to get into an abortion debate (which is inevitable), but this is just barbaric. The complete disrespect for life to me is just unreal.


On a visceral level, I find her repellant. She seems to have no regard at all for human life. I think that's what evil looks like. Honestly. And yes, it absolutely has to do with my personal code of ethics regarding the abortion issue, and with the callousness of her responses, but it seems like the law would agree with me as well.

Organ donation is legal, where the sale of organs is not. That's appreciably different, according to the laws of our society.

Partial-birth abortion is illegal, according the Supreme Court. I believe she admitted that she sometimes performs partial-birth abortions to harvest organs.

If Planned Parenthood counsels women who are considering abortion, wouldn't it be unethical for them to have a financial stake in the decision process?


Completely agree and at the very minimum there's a conflict of interest here.


On the contrary, sir. It is most civilised.

Barbarians would simply leave their unwanted offspring on windswept crags to die of exposure. They certainly wouldn't have the technology necessary to harvest viable organs.


It may be technologically advanced, but it ain't civilized.


Yes. If they are profiting off the sale, which is illegal and unethical, they should be prosecuted. If they are just reimbursed for costs, then it is not unethical (and probably not illegal, but I am not a lawyer).


After reading about it in the WSJ this morning, she's claiming that the fees involved are small, and only cover costs and shipment, that they do not do it for profit. I have a big issue with selling organs because it could encourage child abduction, murder, or the purposeful creation of fetuses for sale.

In contrast, I'm listed as an organ donor on my driver's license.

BTW, I was in my university's brain bank just yesterday at work, and had the opportunity to look at some brains donated by Alzheimer's patients. It gave me a good feeling to know people are willing to donate their brain for research purposes after they die. It's a noble thing. If physicians and lab workers become emotionally detached in the process, that doesn't make them EQUAL to that abortion doctor, in my opinion, nor does it justify her behavior because other people who handle organs may not always be respectful.

I know a middle school teacher who passed away from cancer this year and choose to donate his body to the medical school here, because teaching was his life's work. That's a generous and noble thing, and I have a lot of respect for it. This Planned Parenthood scandal as something else entirely. Nothing good, or noble, or generous about that woman.