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Planned Parenthood Declares War on Science


This is awesome...because liberals are all aboutz teh facts.


LOL science can not be applied to my body, I hope she remembers that the next time she goes to the hospital.

LOL at no heart beat till 24 weeks.

And remember XY chromosomes are female.


There is no evedence of life or no life. Am I dead or alive, I have no idea. I heard both of ny son's heartbeat around 5 weeks. It must be nice to be a liberal, so when you are confronted with facts you just say there is no eveidence.


That was definately the most retarded 2 and a half minute video I've ever come across. Maybe we should become advocates of abortion, I mean, if all those retards talking had been aborted, I wouldn't feel stupider for having heard them speak.


Could you imagine having to sit through the 2 hour debate.


So one side had a scientific stance on the issue and the other side was emotionally based.

That fits pretty well with the ethical, scientific, or logical formats for developing an argument.

Or they could all stand there arguing the same material from a "You are right but I am righter!" standpoint that has become so popular these days.


This is really no different than most arguments by liberals. I call it "liberal logic." They build a case around some of the most outlandish behaviors disregarding the hard evidence. Always trying to rationalize certain actions. It would be funny if it were not causing pain and costing lives.


You think this is a specifically liberal attribute?

If so I have some yellow cake uranium I can sell to you....


i'm currently too lazy to check but

is planned parenthood somewhat linked to 1900's feminism ?
(it is the case for the french equivalent of this movement)

if yes, then their liberalism may not be the main cause of their stupidity, but just another symptoms of an older disease.


Hm, I followed up on video on YouTube, and made some observations:
- at no point is it made clear (or visible) if the people speaking are actually officially representing planned parenthood; in fact some of the commenters (implying they were there) seem to indicate they were representing student campus groups separate from it
- there are obvious cuts in the video; yet again some posters claim that these cuts take out efforts of others correcting the statements made

Unfortunaly, the link provided to the whole video doesn't work - and a Google search doesn't reveal anything either. That may have to do with some of the claims on YouTube that the material was illegally obtained, as there seems to be a ban in place for filming student events without consent.

So, if we come back to the facts:
- no clear affiliation of the people speaking with planned parenthood has been evidenced
- the statements made (while clearly pretty moronic - no surprise if you've ever been to a student led event) are part of [edit: a] sequence of cuttings
- no access to the full footage has been provided to verify the the assertions made is provided

As for facts, that strikes me as pretty thin so far. Any further evidence clarifying the above would be helpful - before people jump to conclusions about 'liberals' and how they jump to conclusions about facts.


PS: If this thread is effectively not about the above topic, but just intended to be yet another circle about the evils of 'liberals', I apologise for mistaking its intent and shall retreat accordingly.


coughmore stupid*cough* Maybe the video really did mess you up.


Um, Planned Parenthood has been doing this in action for a long time. Just found it funny that someone recorded someone basically saying it now.


Don't worry Makkun it's another circle jerk I'm retreating to CiF!


"Science...and stuff like that"... LOL


OMG.....was that one chick comparing a human life to a virus?? Is a baby (of any species) some kind of.....parasite? XY is female? Man, my genetics classes were WAY off!!! I knew that XX and XO were female, but not XY.....


I hope you take your tin foil hat off before you eat a slice.


Don't you usually stick around to play pivot man?


O'rly? Care to point out where? Here, let me make it easy and give you a link to start with: http://www.ippf.org/en

And just to confirm with regards to this thread - no evidence (or even an attempt so far) from the stuff posted so far.


PS: I guess we are indeed in irrational yet probably enjoyable circle jerk territory again.


I lol'd very much - CiF is certainly alright. Yet, the level of debate is sometimes frightfully close to PWI. Swings and roundabouts... :wink:



in action...meaning their actions. I don't have to have proof to tell you that you can get contraceptives and abortions at Planned Parenthood. That they give money to embryonic stem cell research which has yet to come up with one cure for anything, while adult stem cell research has racked up a total of 47 cures. Plus, I don't usually carry a camera around to document what I've been seeing for the past few years, but here look at the exhibit for yourself:


Dare you to take a look through the entire exhibit.