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Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sexual Abuse?



Anything to sell more abortions I guess.


Do you think this case is worse than all the abuse/cover ups carried out by supposed men of God?



How much do they make on each abortion?


I don't see the point of the comparison. Do you think forgetting where you parked your car is worse than accidently swallowing a fly?


No, I don't think it's any better either.

But that's a strawman nonetheless. The only way it's relevant is you hate religion and like abortion.


Guys, I really was just asking a question for comparisons sake, I was not trying to hate on religion at all, sorry I should have said. Also a dumb comparison.

SexMachine, I'm going to use that one. Pat I realize how stupidly my question was phrased, apologies. Of course I think it is horrible that a place that supposed to help people, is actually helping a pimp. Im only about an hour away from Richmond.

This story has been around for a little while now, does anyone know what is being done about it? The article said they had videos of some of this, is anyone being prosecuted?


Well then sorry for my vitriol in my retort.

It seems this story scandal has been broken for some time but not gaining much traction until now. There is a lot of resistance to stories like this much like the acorn thing. It seemed that in the early stages the mainstream media purposefully suppressed the story and only when it became a full fledged scandal did they even acknowledged it's existence. The majority of the media likes Planned Parenthood so they want to protect it. If it came out publicly that they are protecting the proprietors of child prostitution and trafficking, then public outrage would get them defended.
I would hope even most pro-abortion folk would at least be against child prostitution and trafficking and would want to prosecute any organization allowing these animals to pray on our children.

It's a groady thought but imagine the cute little girls cheer leading at the local youth football game, instead being fucked by some disgusting old pig breathing his deseased breath and blowing his diseased load in her while she writhes in agony and cries to herself, only wishing she would die.
That's what's going on here. That's what Planned Parenthood got caught protecting, and that's just fucking nasty.
I am prolife but everyone of those child raping, trafficking, pimping, mother fuckers should be burned at the stake, nice and slow.

This is a little more than a political issue in my view.


Not that you're able to change your preconceived ideas... Regardless of reality.

Not that abortion is relevant to you...

Not that you fundies can understand self-determination...

It was massively edited to get the exact reaction.

You were played.


Still would like to know what they make on each abortion.

Someone who insinuates that they have a profit motive should have some numbers.


Charitable abortions? Altruism even a libertarian could get behind?


That would not be altruism the way Auguste Comte envisioned it, unless of course you can do it in a way that sacrifices your well being in order to further the welfare of mankind.

Anyhow, so they want to maximize the number of abortions "sold".

What do they make with each abortion?

Oh look, its a non profit organization:

Meh, article is meh.




They are still a non profit organization.

As long as single members of PP do not get kickbacks from doctors who perform abortions you have little to work with.

Also, some PP clinics are also into prenatal care and I am sure they make more doing that than lousy 400 bucks.


Did you actually read the article?


Did you see that number up there? 800. That's right. Not eight. Not eighty. Eight. Hundred.

Who's the blinkered "fundie" here?


I read it , I did not see any proof that anything that was said is true, this kind of smells like Obama is from Kenya oh I forgot Kenya was not a state until the 60s


She also published the full unedited version, yeah she did throw in some effects, but editing to misconceive she did not.

Oh, and thanks for the ad hominem attack "fundies." Though, it is humorous you can't even get our derogatory name right, Catholics aren't "fundies" we're "cannibals." Or, is that too old school, too Roman pagan? I think we've been called "rapists," that'll never get old.



Yeah, it's all made up.


So allowing aiding in child prostitution and trafficking is little to work with and doesn't mean anything?
Do you have any morals at all, I mean even the slightest bit? Or are you a customer trying to protect a proprietor you frequent?


I think if I could technically have an abortion I could get that easier than traveling to the US.

You are reaching.


Uh, I don't think you know what this thread is actually about, do you? Abortion is legal, attacking planned parenthood on that basis alone is useless. The charges leveled is that they are involved in covering up child rape, prostitution and trafficking...They are receiving information that their customers are their for an abortion because of child rape, and prostitution which is the result of child traficking and simply providing the service and covering up the crime leading to the abortion. That is the accusation being leveled, not that PP is providing abortions. Everybody knows that already, they are the largest abortion provider in the U.S.