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'Planned Parenthood' Advises Pimp of Underage Sex Slaves


Great new undercover work - I honestly don't know how those two actors kept from punching that little piece of shit with a mouth behind the desk.



A friend of mine quipped: "This is what the Dems mean by supporting small business."

lol...sort of


I'm not really surprised at this.




This is unacceptable, and anyone involved in this sort of thing should be punished to the full extent of the law.

However, it is my experience that "pro-life" activists rarely care about human suffering, and this should not become politicized in an effort to shut down Planned Parenthood.


Uh, she was representing planned parenthood. I agree it shouldn't be a matter of politics, but that means the company should be investigated, just in a non-partisan way.

But you are the one that that linked planned parenthood and pro-choice in a political way in your statement by the very fact that you even mentioned Pro-life activists. If you kept this non-political, you wouldn't have made that link.

And in my experience, your experience is full of shit by the way.


Wow...no proof or anything. What motives would a pro-life activist have besides protecting the mother and the child?


Planned Parenthood director back in the 60's said homosexuality should be encouraged along with promiscuity. They have both happened.

Rockefeller's organization is doing its assigned task of destruction.


After the video broke planned parenthood called the FBI to try and cover their ass. They should be investigated but be prepared for a political shit storm to happen.


I truly welcome a national discussion around said shitstorm; the American people will overwhelmingly side against planned parenthood on this.


what an idiot.

In the video she clearly refers to the nurse practitioner who is actually doing her job and investigating cases that come in. You know, company policy and stuff.


I am just afraid of this turning into a political shit storm against abortion. I could see the right taking this chance to launch an all out attack.

We need to focus on what planned parenthood did and all work together to bring these monsters down.


So it is her Job to tell a Pimp how to get his underage sex slaves abortions? I would assume her job would be to stall this guy while the cops come, but then again I just expect people to think.

You really want to defend this?


Putting aside whatever differences we might have about abortion, even in the absence of this sort of travesty, do you believe we should be Federally funding "Planned Parenthood"? If people believe in the mission, they should fund it as private citizens.


Without a doubt we shouldn't be funding them. If this is what it takes to cut the funding I am all for it an hopes that this does it. But if the right try's to take it one step further and use this as a push against abortion it will backfire, that is what I worry about.

I don't believe in federal funding for anything. Their job is military and that is it.


What post are you responding to?

I called her an idiot and referred to how the idiot hated the person at the clinic who was actually doing her job.

The woman depicted should lose her job and go to jail obviously. Social workers of all sorts have a duty to inform and they should do so.


Eli, I was confused about thy post too.


My bad misread what you said. Good to see we both agree that she should get fired.


John, do you mind if I ask why the plan would backfire?? Because people would then make it a life vs. choice debate?


I couldn't finish watching that...it made me sick.