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Planned Overtraining

You CAN have it all

Over the last two months I have been doing “WAY TOO MUCH”:
EVERY DAY 100/100/100

that’s right, 100 total presses (combination of incline, military, pushpress…) with heaviest weight I’m willing to complete all the reps
100 pullups
100 multi-joint lower body (squat, ft squat, deadlift, single leg dl, pistols) i allowed about 30 leg press reps/day just to pad my stats

NO PLANNED DAYS OFF–i find that life deals me a day off about once a week whether I like it or not, so I’ve done this 5-6 days per week.

Am I overtraining? I have gained strength in all lifts while LOSING bodyfat. I would assume that I’ve gained muscle as well, but I find that the mirror can be deceiving so I just worry about strength. Also worth mentioning–I ate virtually 0 carbs 6 days per week and had one night of binge drinking/week. The last two weeks I have eliminated the drinking and the progress is astounding.

Wait, wait, wait.
Are you telling me if you lift with intensity and don’t eat shit all the time, you’re going to make progress?
OP, are you a witch?

In all seriousness though, congratulations on leaning up and improving your strength levels, now go get hyooge.

the point is that the human organism can adapt to anything. our conceptions of “too much” may not be accurate.

as far as getting huge goes, why?

Haha, ok.

I will admit the zero carbs part has me curious.

Any reason you chose to do this on zero carbs?

What did you eat on a typical day?

How about peri-workout?

Great work though, I also believe the body can adapt to just about anything.

interesting, this looks like the sort of madness I enjoy. Do you complete the 100 reps:

e.g. 50kg on bar - OHP 35 reps, Push press 35 reps, BTNPP 35 reps
100kg on bar F squat 35 reps, Back squat 35 reps, deadlift 35 reps

6 days a week?

Hmm, considering this, as I have just finished a training cycle and was going to restart on monday.

From your experience, would this be okay?

A: Back squat 50 reps, Good mornings 50 reps
OHP 50 reps, dips 50 reps
Rows and pullups x100

B: Front Squat 50 reps, GM 50reps
BTNPP 50 reps, OHP 50 reps
rows and pullups x100

C: Deadlift 50 reps, Fsquat 50 reps
DB ohp 50 reps, OHP x50
rows and pullups x100

you could ladder/ramp the sets too - 10,8,6,4,2,2,4,6,87,10

even only 50 reps a day would be good

I’m surprised no one has even jumped in disparaging this.

Going to run:

A: Hang clean+press
Back squat

B: DB OHP/Dips
Front squat/ Goodmorning

C: Behind the neck PP
DB rows

D: (same as B:)

starting with 50 reps per day using a ladder rep scheme- basically ramped 10/8/6/4/2/2/4/6/8/10

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
I’m surprised no one has even jumped in disparaging this.
Caveman, wait till the yanks wake up :wink: