Planned Overreaching

I have read the stripped down hypertrophy article ( ) and a danish article about planned overreaching. The articles have similar approaches and I consider trying the danish structure. Here is a brief summary:
You will train 6 days a week like:
Mon, Wed, Fri: Chest, shoulders and triceps
Tue, Thu, Sat: Legs, back and biceps

The set/rep range is:
Week 1-2: 4x8-12 (8 in primary exercises like benchpress and squat, and 12 in biceps)
Week 3-4: 5x6-8
Week 5-6: 5x4-6
Week 7-8: deload/deconditioning

Every set must not be to failure but at least 2 reps from failure.

So a typical chest, shoulder, triceps week 1 could be:
Benchpress 4x8
dumbell chest 4x10
flyers 3x12
dumbell shoulder 4x10
lateral raises 3x12
dips 4x10
triceps pushdowns 3x12

Does anyone have experience with similar program?