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Planned Cycle: Test E, EQ, Maybe Dbol

Hi all,

First post with Tnation but have frequented the forums over the past year.

Wanted to get some feedback on my planned cycle I will be running in the next month. This will be my 4-5th blast cycle. Been on cruise trt doses of 200-250 mg a week for the past 2 years while tbrowing in blast cycles with dbol, deca, or growth in between those cruise windows.

Current stats:

Age - 30
210 lbs
Body fat - 13-14%

Planned cycle:

Weeks 1-16: Test E @ 400 mg per week
Weeks 1-15: EQ @ 300 mg per week
Weeks 1-4: 30 mg dbol per day

Will be running 1000 iu’s of hcg during cycle, pinning 500 iu’s every 3 days

Also will have Arimidex on hand, in past I ran 1 mg per week when on deca.

No PCT planned, just plan on jumping back on trt dosing of around 200 mg per week once coming off blast.

  1. will i need to run caber or proviron while on EQ or just keep the Arimidex on hand? (With deca I’ve added Arimidex and caber in past and did fine but also ran one cycle with no caber and my libido was shit)

  2. can I run dbol with EQ to start or is that not a good idea. Seems to be mixed emotions about running those two together on other forums but no one really gave a clear answer why.

Appreciate the feedback!

Deca aromatizes at a fifth the rate of test. I wouldn’t base your arimadex on Deca use but rather more aromatizing compounds.

NO definitely not. Search EQ in this forum and you will see several posts regarding its anti estrogenic properties.

I don’t see why not althrough I prefer to run my orals as a finisher now, even dbol. I find the quick gains from dbol diminish mid cycle and leave me feeling less than excited about the remainder of the cycle.