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Planned Blast. Looking for Critique and Advice

I’m planning my next cycle and this is what I think i’m gonna go with…
wk1-15 500mg test (sustanon250)
wk1-15 600mg boldenone
wk1-4 40mg ED Dbol
wk12-15 50mg ED Winstrol

No PCT will be required, I’ll be dropping back down to TRT dosage.

I have experience with test only cycles and test and low dose tren (A & E) cycles.
I’ve deliberately chosen boldenone because the thought of deca dick terrifies me (I know we only really hear about the negative experiences and not the positives but I don’t want to risk it) and I absolutely hate the tren sides.
I plan on the using the Dbol as a kick starter while I wait for the boldenone levels to build up and the winstrol at the end is to help dry me out a bit.
The boldenone I can get is dosed at 300mg/ml, so 3 vials = 15 weeks. Would I be better off getting an extra vial and running it for 20 weeks?
I’ve read that metabolites from boldenone have AI properties and a separate AI is not required. Would that still be the case during the orals phases of the cycle? Just play it by ear?

Anything else I should know or consider before starting this cycle?

Ok, I’ve just had my regular bloods done (everything is fine) but my Doc wants a repeat in 3 months. I’m gonna “forget” and take bloods again at the 6 month point. I pay for my own bloods and test at home so I can probably hold him off but it might be a good idea to go for a 15 week cycle just incase he starts insisting on a retest.

So I guess that just leaves my AI question. Will I need one while I’m taking the orals?
Overall, does this look like an alright cycle? Nothing glaringly obvious i’ve missed or forgotten about?

EQ will lower your e2 dramatically. Always have an AI on hand, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to use it.

Everything else ok? Dbol and Winstrol are both good options for what I intend?

I am anti the whole “kickstart” meme, so I’m not the guy to ask. For the dbol I’d cut the dose in half and run it for six weeks instead. You’re not gaining a lot of actual muscle in four weeks, so longer time on at a lower dose ends up being better.

I don’t touch winstrol so I cannot give you any advice. But I’m a huge advocate for orals at the end of a cycle, so that fits in with my general idea of what is optimal.

Thanks for that dude, much appreciated.