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Planet of the Apes

I rarely post a new thread, but I just have to say that Monkeyboy Eric puts up some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen on this site, so I thought I’d just give a shout out to him.

I agree… I’m always glad to see a post by him except I have to admit that I just skip the really long ones. Remember, monkey, berevity is the soul of wit.

Aw, shucks T-bros, I’m tickled deep blood crimson. It always thrills me to know that my psychosis is appreciated 'round these parts. This forum is like an oasis amongst a sea of morons who are eaither a) scared of me or b) have too much fat between their brain cells to understand what I’m talking about. In the words of Gene Simmons (somewhat altered) “You drive me wild, I’ll drive ya crazy.” Lata.

“MB Eric: Verbally explosive since 1877.”


Just gotta send my props out to my boy E-Man…we’re soul bruthas that’s fo’ sho’…he’s a hella class act and I seriously love Saturday mornings–not cause of the cartoons, ya goofs–to get the latest edition of BTV…BTW, the new Apes flick is pretty damn good in my opinion. If nothing else there’s a hella hot vixen up in it that’s simply delicious, yes, bonerific! Keep doing what you’re doing, E-Man…I got nuthin’ but love for ya, T-Freque!